Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday's Threads

Happy Thursday Readers! So this week, pickings were slim for the outfit as I'm super behind on laundry... Also I have a super sized behind and not all my pants fit ;) I blame the grocery store. (See Truthful Tuesday for an explanation.) Here's what I dug out of the closet for today:

Keeping it casual today! It's a good thing my office has a very relaxed dress code.

Top: JJ Basics
Price: unknown (purchased last season)

I know you can see my straps through the cutouts, but I don't think it's in a trashy sort of way. Maybe next time I'll have matching undergarments in the clean pile... I like that this shirt is a little longer in the back than in the front, so you can actually see my belt buckle, yet not my plumber's butt! Win!

Belt: Designer Inspired
Price: $24.99

Old standby. One of my Ebay finds. I love that the belt is actually leather too!

Pants: Rock and Republic
Price: Unknown (hand me down)

These are great for everyday. Straight leg, dark wash. One of my friends actually gave these to me. Free pants!

Shoes: Ariat
Price: $59.81

Watch out Sperry, Ariat has entered the boat shoe market! Yes horsey friends, you are seeing this correctly. Those are adorable boat shoes made by Ariat. The boot company! And they are just as comfy as the paddock boots. Maybe more so. I got these from Smartpak on clearance. Get yourself a pair immediately. Seriously. But make sure they're on sale, they're super expensive normally.

Arm Party!

Up here on the right arm I have a spiked bracelet from Ettika, a braided bracelet from Green Sewn (part of a stack I got on, and a designer inspired find from Ebay.

On lefty, you'll recognize my favorite watch, and the bracelet is a wrap from Stella and Dot. I love that it's so delicate!

So that's it for today. What are you wearing?! Do you think the cutouts on the shirt are inappropriate?

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