Friday, July 25, 2014

Running Post!

No seriously. I really did go running this week! So I thought I'd tell you all about my attempts to get back at it. My plan this week was to run Tues and Thurs morning. Well best laid plans and all... I wound up running Tues and Thurs evenings. But hey, better late than never right?!
I've been using a little bit of a run/walk plan because, let's face it, I'm out of shape. Like, VERY out of shape. (Unless you count round... Round is a shape. But not the one I'm after.) I already told you about running Sunday. I did a 3 miler, and let myself walk for a bit after each mile was complete.

Tuesday I made myself wear the Garmin. I paused it during walk breaks though, because I really wanted to actually run 3 miles. For this run, I required myself to run the first half without a break. So 1.5, then a little stroll. Then finish it up. Again, best laid plans and all.... As I was nearly done (about 2.6 or so) I ran smack into a COLONY of noseeums. Or at least I think that's what they are. Teeny tiny flying insects. And they love to dive bomb all the orifices in your face. I'm talking eye, nose, ears mouth. ALL OF THEM. Normally they travel in little packs, but this was CRAZY. After breathing one in and nearly gagging, I had to take a quick walk break to regain my composure. Ugh. Bugs. Ew. I finished it up though, and stayed under 10 minute miles (just barely). I wasn't ecstatic about my run, but considering my extreme lack of fitness, it was decent!

Thursday's goal was to run 2 miles before break time (still pausing the garmin during walks). Again best laid plans... I encountered these guys at 1.45:

Hard to see in the pic, but there were about four of these geese in the road, and they were NOT interested in letting me pass them. Every time I started to, the leader hissed at me. Needless to say, I had to stop and wait for them to get to their destination. Once past them though, I ran until mile 2, then took a short walk break. I made myself finish that last mile strong, with some sprints. Unfortunately for me, I should have looked at my watch before starting those sprints, as it seemed to take forever to get to mile 3!

Best part about my Thursday evening run? There was a triathlon finishing up and my normal 3 mile lakeside run is part of their running route. People were actually cheering me on! Which was a bit awkward... The race volunteer in charge of the turnaround point actually stopped me thinking I was just a really slow triathlete. Sorry for confusing you, nice sir!

I was pretty excited to see such an improvement in my time Thursday even just versus Tuesday's run. Of course the sprints at the end had a lot to do with it. However, Tuesday I couldn't even consider sprinting at the end, so that's an improvement all on it's own!

This sunset was a pretty way to finish up too!

I signed up to run a 4 miler this Saturday morning near my house. While I'm still not terribly fit for it, my plan is to walk at all the water stops and just get through it nice and slow. It's perfect timing if I want to run the half in September. 4 miles this weekend, and add one mile every week until the race. That will have me running 11 the week before the half, or I can taper and have run 10 prior to the race. Perfect! My last two half marathons I did not plan ahead for and was having to add 1.5-2 miles each week. And still only getting to 10 miles prior to race day. So this should be an improvement as long as I stick with the plan.

Lastly, I wanted to share with you runners a page called Outrun 38. They have a Facebook page as well. It's a community of runners who share their mileage to help find a cure for CF. It was started as a tribute by a woman who wanted to support her friend fighting the CF battle. Both ladies are runners and happen to live locally to where I reside. I've never seen so much support from strangers! Runners from anywhere in the world can log their miles and help put an end to CF.

How have your runs been going? Any races in your near future?

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