Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Truthful Tuesday: Snow Day Edition

It's a blizzard out there! Well, it was. It's calmed down now, just some wind left, but the snow has stopped. I don't even know how much accumulated. I think around 2 feet though. Today's confession is an obvious one... I hate snow! And winter. But in all honesty, I was much less hate-filled due to my boss letting me know yesterday that I could work from home today. I felt so much less angst knowing I didn't have to trudge out in the terrible weather to sit in my cold office. It was a busy work morning, but it was nice to be able to tackle it from home!
Confession number two you ask? Um... I haven't changed out of my jammies all day. I have snow pants and a good waterproof jacket that I wore to do barn chores and some shoveling... but they fit over my jammies. A jammy filled day is a glorious one my friends!
And now I shall leave you with some pictures from my day working at home:
View from my bedroom window before the snow stopped

view from the barn doors. The kids got stuck inside today.

my co worker Artie

home office

Quite possibly the best performing winter boots I've ever owned. From Horze Equestrian
Did it snow where you are? Do you get snow days? (This is my first ever snow day as a grown up!) What did you do all day?


  1. Did it snow where I am? LOL no! No snow days, ether. I did get hurricane days when I lived down south, though. Although those were pretty terrifying, to be honest.

    And, to be fair, we did actually have snow flurries a little north of me last week. It was quite the event.

    Stay warm and safe!

    1. We had a half day for a hurricane a few years ago! Of course being the boss's daughter and part owner, I still had to work till 4:30. Ever driven in a category 4 hurricane? I don't recommend it!

      I've heard it's been cold in FL lately! I have a lot of friends in the Ocala area, and I'm seeing photos of them bundled up. My Palm Beach friends seem to be in t-shirts though... So jealous!