Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursdays Threads: Shades of Gray (but only like 5, not 50)

It's a bona fide heat wave here in CT today! The high is supposed to be 30! Oh wait. That's still freezing. UGH, when will winter end?! Well hey, at least I only have to wear one sweater today instead of two like on Tuesday. Here's today's outfit:

Confession: This happened after I took photos:

So now I'm wearing different pants. The pair in the photos were from Hot Kiss. But they are no more sadly.

Anyway, let's look at the rest of the outfit!

Top: Michael Kors (by way of Marshalls clearance, $29!)

I HAD to have this sweater when I found it in the clearance section. I was trying to find a medium to no avail, but this actually fits perfectly. It's cotton so WASHABLE which is a huge bonus in my world full of shedding animals.

Pants: 1st Kiss (old)

As stated earlier, not the same ones pictured in the full outfit photo. But happily just about the same shade of gray. This is why it's important to have multiples my friends. You just never know when you might split your pants!

Boots: Steve Madden (from DSW on clearance last year $35)
Due to the odd angle it kind of looks like my fat calf is busting out of my boots... in real life they fit great. I do in fact have giant calves, but these boots accommodate them just fine! These are real leather which is kind of hit or miss with the Steve Madden brand. Some shoes are, some aren't. I think his Steven brand is always leather though.

Outerware: Bod & Christensen (Marshalls last year for $99)

I love this jacket. LOVE IT! SO MUCH!!! It's buttery soft leather on the outside. The inside lining is a poly cotton blend with a houndstooth pattern. It has two zippers, the first attached to a sweatshirt like material, and then the outer one on the leather jacket. I know it was featured at some point last year too. But seriously, I still love it. One of the best scores I've found at Marshalls!

Nothing new happening here. I paired the Rebecca Minkoff bracelet I got for Chanukah with my trusty watch. I think they make a great pair!

Righty is sporting a braided leather bracelet with horse shoe toggle closure from Ralph Lauren and the large size clic-clac bracelet from Hermes (or ebay... whatever).

So that's it from here today. What are you wearing?!

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