Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday's Threads

I'm pretty sure I'll never get to wear cute anything ever again. Especially shoes. Which is sad because I'm dying to wear those blue boots I showed you all last week that I ordered.... Ah! I hate waiting! But when your life looks like this everywhere:
You have to wear sensible shoes. Ew. Good thing my sensible shoes are still cute ;) So here's today's outfit:

I'm bringing mint to winter... I think it's acceptable... I mean, you've heard of wintermint gum right? Makes sense to me. Let's look closer at everything!

Boots: Horze Equestrian

I found these at a sample sale at my semi-local tack shop for $25.00. They are the best winter boots I've ever had. Cutest? Maybe not. But they're mint so that helps. They are completely water proof and very warm too. Good boots!

Jeans: Seven
Yeah... that's a picture of my growing hind end... But how cute are these pockets? I think you've probably seen these pants before, I've had them awhile. I recently cleaned out the pants closet, so some oldies but goodies are making a comeback from the bottom of the pile.

Sweater: Aeropostale
Cami: Deb

I found this sweater during my after Xmas shopping stock up binge. It was 5.99. Yep. 5.99!! And it's washable. WIN! The cami I got last year from Unfortunately, they are going out of business, so you can no longer shop on their website. However, if you have a store near you, they are liquidating, so head on over for some great deals!

Scarf: Look
Ha, I should have cropped this photo... That's my "I didn't realize I was in the photo" face. And my double chin. I really do need to start working out. Anyway, I'm in love with this scarf. I got it from Modcloth for I think 7.99. It's mint, cream, and brown. Love!

 I got a little edgy today with lefty! The spike bracelet is by Ettika from when Little Black Bag had their big going out of business sale. I got this for a few dollars, but I think full price they're around 40? The initial bracelet is from Baublebar. I love how dainty it is! And of course you'll recognize my trusty watch.
Righty is full of minty, sparkly goodness! The first one is a leather bracelet I made. Next is another from Little Black Bag. I forget the brand on that one though. Last is that giant sparkler! I got that one from Baublebar awhile back. I love that it's like the mama to the little baby one I made. Bracelet family! Haha...

So what are you wearing today? Can you wear cute shoes? Will you send me photos of them? Cause I'm jealous.


  1. haha I so agree! I'm so tired of wearing rain boots and snow boots. At first I was so excited, but now I'm over it and tired of having to put them on. Your boots are so cute though and they look super warm!!

    1. Thank you! They were a great (and cheap!) investment! I think winter is great for like... two days. Around Christmas. After that, it can be over!