Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thursday's Threads

We're experiencing an Arctic Blast here in New England... So I wanted to wear ALL THE CLOTHES.

But since that's impossible, I had to settle for as many layers I could manage while still being able to move my arms. I won't keep you in suspense, here's today's base outfit:

When it's this cold, you don't get too caught up in being fancy. Here's how it breaks down:

Top: Avalanche
I LOVE these tops. So much so that I own three. And am contemplating grabbing the 4th color that I don't yet have. It's polar fleece on the inside and knit on the outside. I'm not sure how they do it, but I totally approve! So warm and cozy. I got them at Marshalls for 29.99. If your local Marshalls has them, you should definitely invest.

Pants: Vigold

I've had these quite awhile. I imagine you've seen them before. I wanted something comfy and relatively heavy weight.

Shoes: Little Mismatched
These are kids shoes. There's a fairly good chance they're actually slippers... But they have a decent sole on them, so I'm pretty sure they're real shoes. Either way, they're REALLY comfy. And super warm.

You're probably getting tired of these two... But I'm not! #sorrynotsorry

 Righty is wearing a bracelet I made last year in the front. It's pink cord with blue thread, and both blue and gold beads. I love this one, and really should make an effort to wear it more often! The other bracelet is from Snapfish. It is photos of my four legged posse! The photo below shows all the "beads". You have to actually buy a bracelet for each photo, not sure why they don't sell the beads individually. Fortunately they were 60% off near the holidays or I would not have been able to get everyone on there! I'm thinking about putting them on a nicer bracelet. Currently hunting the internet for a prettier leather. Will let you know what I find!

And now I will show all of you just what it takes to stay warm in this weather!

An additional fleece top. This is from RBX.
Then a down vest. Old Navy
Next we pile on the scarf and coat: Express scarf, Delia's coat
And lastly the hat (and eventually gloves, but those didn't make the photo shoot). I can't remember where the hat is from. I think Forever 21? Or maybe Modcloth? Sorry...
Movement is minimal under all those layers. But I'm warm!
What are you dong to beat the cold weather? Do you live somewhere tropical and warm? If so, I'm jealous. But hey, at least it's not snowing! Oh no wait, that's happening in the morning. Sigh. How many days till Spring?!

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