Monday, January 26, 2015

Mani Monday!

It's been a LONG WHILE since I've had a Mani Monday post. But this snowy weekend allowed me the time to get things done in the house AND have time to let my nails dry. That's a feat!
Saturday proved to be one of the laziest days EVER in my 34 years. I got up early, fed the horses, made breakfast, lounged around... Finally cleaned the barn and turned the horses out between 1 and 5, then commenced more doing nothing in the house. It was epic. But as a result, I vowed to be MUCH more useful on Sunday. And I was! So much so that I had time to do my nails! And try out my awesome new custom Jamberry nail wraps. I will apologize in advance for the terrible photos.

Close up of my Jamberry nail wrap:
My main nail color is Sally Hansen City Pleasure. It's a subtle, yet shiny gold that is perfect in two coats. I did my tips in Maybelline Color Show Avante Green. I regret the polish choice for the tips. It took heavy coats to show up, and it was really tough to keep them even and straight with the multiple thick coats. A darker more opaque green would have been better.
My Jamberry Nail Wrap was my own custom design. That's Rio! I should have made the picture smaller though, since my nails aren't very long. Poor pony got cut in half! Once I use up this sheet I'll try again with a smaller photo. Stay tuned for nail wraps featuring The Pugs too!

I always start my mani's with Nailtiques as a base coat. Lately I've been finishing them with the Sally Hansen Gel Top Coat that I got from Influenster. It does seem to keep my mani fresh longer!

So that's today's Mani Monday. What's on your nails today?


  1. My nails are a fabulous shade of "no polish. ever". I love yours!

    I tried Jamberry and I love them so freaking much, but my nails are such a weird shape and nothing ever looks right on them. I can't keep up with manicures - I'm always doing something and chipping the polish or breaking my nails.


    1. I feel you! Most of the year when I'm not being a sloth, my nails go unpainted. Partially because I don't have time to do them, but mostly because I'd have to do them constantly with all the chipping! Winter is sort of a down time, and I wear gloves during manual labor, so the polish lasts better.