Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Truthful Tuesday

I feel like all of my Truthful Tuesdays are the same lately. How boring! But alas, it's winter, and not much is going on. Literally. Today's confession? I need to drop 12 lbs (15 would be better) but I apparently refuse to eat less OR exercise. It's proving rather impossible that way.
I keep putting off my exercise start date. It was supposed to be yesterday. But when I got up at 6:30 to go running it was still dark out. When I checked again at 6:45, still dark out. Then I went back to sleep till too late to go running. Slacker. Maybe tonight I'll find a good workout video online to do... Maybe.

I'm so jealous of these two... They're adorable chubby, and get to spend the majority of their life lounging.
Anything you need to confess today? Do you have some magical motivation you could share with me?


  1. Confession- I havent showered in longer than I should admit- hahaha working from home leads to NO motivation to get dressed or look presentable. But then again i tell myself okay work out and then you have to shower. haha

    The struggle is real.

    1. Hahahaha! See? Yet another reason to NOT workout! Talk about struggle. I'm gonna need bigger pants soon.

  2. Before I even read this post, I was all "There had better be pugs."

    No confessions. I'm going to boot camp tomorrow. That's going to be hilarious.

    1. I've found when I don't have much to say, POST A PUGPILE!
      Good luck at bootcamp! My legs hurts just thinking about that...