Friday, January 16, 2015

Crafts and nails, OH MY!

Now that it's winter I have time to do all kinds of things other than just ride horses and go running. (Though I'm not doing either of those things which is not good for my waistline. Oh well.) I recently found some adorable beads on the Goody Bead site that I just HAD to string. I decided to make bracelets specific to each of my "kids" and one for me too! You can see them stacked all together above. I also made a few others. Let's take a look!

Rio's Bracelet

 When Rio first moved to the US he really only responded to two words : Handsome and Cookie. So it seemed appropriate to have a cookie on his bracelet. Plus some apples and first place ribbons of course. For all of the bracelets, I used my farm colors of hunter green and tan. Though I substituted gold beads for tan since that's more fun.

Jamp's Bracellet:

 Jampy has this habit of holding his head really high and making strange faces, so he earned the nick name Jamposaurus rex. I was so excited to find T-rex beads for his bracelet!

Ducky's Bracelet
 I think his is pretty self explanatory... Rubber ducks of course!

Pia and Artie's Bracelets:

 Their's are both the same. Not very creative I suppose, but they do have the same interests, so I don't think they'll feel slighted.

My bracelet:
Pugs, Ponies, Ribbons, and French Fries! I'd say that sums me up pretty well.

 These lapis beads look SO PRETTY with my trusty watch. If I wasn't afraid of breaking it, I would wear this combo every day.

Chanukah Bracelets:

 I made one of these for me, and one for my mom. They're adorable and festive!

Turtle bangle:
I have a similar bracelet that I bought ages ago using ball beads in between the tubes. I thought to myself, hey, wouldn't that be cute with turtle beads? Why yes, yes it is!

Besides crafting, I like to try and do my nails on occasion during the winter. Since I'm not regularly bathing horses and cleaning tack, they don't chip and look awful quite so quickly.
This past week, a friend of mine hosted an online Jamberry party. It's similar to hosting a tupperware party, but instead of kitchen goods, it's nail wraps! What a great idea! The neat thing about Jamberry is that you can also custom design your own wraps, aside from choosing one of the many stock options available. I ordered one sheet of a stock print and also some customs. The customs haven't arrived yet, but I will be sure to show you when they get here! I tested out my stock choice as accent nails last night. Let's go see the man!

 The wraps have little horses on them! I know you're shocked that I would choose the pony print... I know, I know. I'm so predictable. Whatever, how cute are they?!
My other nails are sporting a gray color from Maybelline Color Show called Audacious Asphalt. The glitter top coat is from OPI and it's called Where's My Blanket. (If someone can explain that one to me, I'd appreciate it! They always have cute names that relate to something, but this one is lost on me.) The glitter topper has black shreds with pink and mint hexes mixed in. Super cute!

 So that's what I've been up to in my spare time. That and cleaning out the closets... I'm up to 8 bags of purged items!

How are you spending these cold evenings? Doing any crafting? Are you braving the elements and getting your miles in? Riding in an indoor somewhere? Tell me what you're up to!

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