Thursday, June 24, 2021

Thursday's Threads


Outfit day is late! So sorry! But it's still Thursday, so we're good! I'll jump right to it though, so as not to waste any more time...

Here's what the ponies wore this week:

They mostly wore green, and we busted out the hats!

Bridles: Eros- Camelot RCS gold, Shiny QHP
Browbands: Eros- Boy O'Boy Bridleworks, Shiny- Dark Jewel Designs
Bonnets: If the bonnet fits

They wore different bridles today because Shiny's one like Eros' doesn't have a bit she likes on it, and I'm too lazy to switch it at the moment. They both work with the theme though! Just a note, Eros' bit is a hybrid. I originally got this gold two ring made by Punk Ponies, but I wanted it in leather instead. Sweet Billy's is able to convert them though! So if you have a cheek you really like, they can turn it into a leather bit for you. Like if you have one of those unicorn rainbow bits for example. 

Saddles: Eros- Butet, Shiny- Custom Saddlery
Saddle pads: Eros- retired show baby pad with cricut logo and Mattes half pad, Shiny-Mattes

Boots: Eros- Equestrian Stockholm, Shiny- Punk Ponies

The Punk Pony boots really do fit Shiny the best. I'm still kind of meh on the ES boots though. 

Okay, my turn! Here's what I wore:

It's not just green! Nor is it Winthrop Corner logos! Yay me! Hahaha!

Helmet: One K CCS MIPS wide brim

I'm not sure why this helmet looks absolutely enormous in this photo... I swear it looks mostly normal in real life.

Shirt: It's a Haggerty's

My Presto Warrior shirt was um... well... it was a little small for awhile, so it's been sitting in a drawer waiting for me to fit back into it. And I'm back in! Happy to have it back in rotation.

Belt: Lilo
Guys... it matches the cuffs and collar on my shirt! Not  quite exactly, but close enough for me. 

Breeches: Tailored Sportsman
This should probably a Truthful Tuesday confessions. But I wanted these pinky breeches SO MUCH, but you know, I'm relatively frugal and was hoping to grab a used pair. The problem with light pink breeches is that no one sells them. Likely because they stain pretty much before you even put them on. So finally, I decided to treat myself after a few extra braiding jobs I hadn't expected. Unfortunately, there wasn't a 28 to be had anywhere on the interwebs and TS had released this as a limited edition color. So I got them in 30 figuring the few pairs of 30 I have fit okay, just a bit loose. Well... Those ones are low rise. These are mid. The mid rise seem to run bigger as these are enormous. Fortunately, I think one of the kids at the barn is going to buy them from me. Even more fortunate is that TS has decided to re-release pinky so I should be able to find a pair in the correct size once these sell.  That will teach me to pay retail! I KNOW BETTER! Sheesh. 

Boots: Celeris UK
Rose gold and pinky look fab together if you ask me. Also, I really should clean and polish these poor boots. They've been so good to me, I need to return the favor!

So that's it for today. Sorry for the delayed post, hope you liked pink and green! Have any favorite items?


  1. looking smart! Pink breeches - I would not be able to pull that off!

    1. They're really not great for being in the barn... you look at them and they get dirty! But I do love them!

  2. Those breeches are fabulous! Glad you will be able to get a pair that fits!

  3. i had a pair of pink breeches that i ADORED but sadly they split after barely much wear at all :(