Wednesday, June 16, 2021

What's Up Wednesday


Nothing terribly exciting to report over here. The horses are all doing horse stuff. Eros is jumping 2'6" now, though not a full course because I'm too lazy to get off and on. 

So I set a few at 2'6" and a few that are smaller to warm up over. 

We've also added a four stride line into the course which I think I mentioned last week. For both horses we did it first trotting in, and then moved on to cantering through. I have it set for a horse stride, so Shiny is doing the add. This past week I kept it low (2') but I think I'll make it 2'3" for this week's jump schools. Shiny is consistently jumping 2'3" now, so that's exciting! I don't think we're ready for higher yet, but I do think she's capable of more. 

Back to Eros though... As I suspected, adding in a related distance has brought out a mild torpedo reaction. I can get him back pretty quickly with a very big half halt, but I want that behavior to go away. This week I plan to jump in the Pletcher bit and see if that will soften him. 

I'll report back next week if it works. In the past, he is much lighter with this bit, so hopefully it will work again. 

I tried Shiny in a figure 8 this week since I've decided maybe we'll do baby jumpers instead of the hunters (given our lack of a lead change). 

It doesn't fit her great, I have another one
coming that will hopefully work better.

It was an interesting experiment. She's much more rideable to the jumps, but she doesn't jump very well in it. I think likely it's just a learning curve issue. She needs to figure out how to use her parts while not fighting with me. I dunno... But here's how she jumped:

Head up, knees down, and sometimes a little twisty... Although to be fair I found the long weak one at that oxer, so that one's not really her fault. Always stuff to work on! I'm confident she'll level back out. 

It's been beautiful around here with the only rainy day happening on Monday which is the horses' day off anyway. It's allowed for our fun Sunday bareback day:

And daily visits with Pammony:

The pups are enjoying the weather too!

I had a small braiding job this weekend:

And lastly, I made my Unsupervised Amateur shirts available in both a jumping 

and a flat version. 

For now they are on Teespring, and you can find them here if you're interested:

They'll be on Zazzle soon too at this link: Unsupervised Amateur

And that's about it from here! How was your week? Do anything fun? Are you guys showing?


  1. Yay for such good jompies with both of them! And in glad Pammon is doing well out on pasture 🙂 and your pugs are SO CUTE 😍

    1. Thanks! It was a good week for all the four leggeds!

  2. oooh the horses look great!!! and lol yea... apparently i could *only* find the long weak one in my school with chuck last night, ugh. he needs more of that Eros energy lol.... maybe set up a bending line option for that 4 stride combo, or a rollback or something lol (idk how much space you have for this) so he never really knows which way he's going to go and decides to tune in instead?? lol...

    1. Definitely good suggestions! He's tough because he lands so strong, so the immediate steering is tricky... More things to work on!

  3. Glad Pammon is doing well and you've been getting in a good amount of riding time!

  4. I don't think I've seen a bit like that before, it looks fairly light

    1. It is! I'm not sure exactly why it works the way it does, but heavy horses really seem to go well in it.