Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Truthful Tuesday


So apparently, it takes two to pull? My trainer growing up always told me this, and it seemed true enough, but I grew up riding thoroughbreds and tb crosses, and they aren't all that interested in pulling. So I never really thought much about it. But now that I have Eros The Torpedo, I realize how true that statement is. 

I jumped him last week and was having a bit of a struggle with him dragging me around again. He rides well to the jumps it's after that's tricky. Trying to contain that enormous stride is a real challenge and it makes me want to pull. 

Exhibit A: Me pulling.

Because that's where the brakes are right? So I figured maybe it was time for a school in the Pletcher bit which happened to be on his figure 8 bridle. In the past, one or two schooling sessions in this bit tends to lighten him back up.  But it wasn't working this time. And then I thought back to how he was so strong at every lesson before we moved home and I had a small epiphany. I think he hates the figure 8. So this week, I switched that bit over to a regular noseband bridle and I had a different horse. He still wanted to be a little strong and get excited after the jumps, but he was much lighter. But that's not the only thing I noticed.

Exhibit B: Me not pulling

If I would use my actual half halt, that is take and give back, he actually was listening to me. He doesn't mind if I pull back as long as I release. And the softer I an in front of the jump, the softer he is when he lands. I am not such a good rider that I can achieve this if the distance is one I need to shorten for. That's still a work in progress. But the first step is acknowledging a problem right? So now I know what we need to work on. And pulling isn't it! Because as it turns out... the pulling problem is me.


  1. You were lucky to not ride Tbs that pulled lol I think most of the ones I rode did which a well timed drop usually disabused them of the notion

    1. Yeah, the ones I sat on were pretty light normally. But they did respond well to the sudden drop if they weren't! Eros though, that doesn't work. I can't explain it, but he just sort of keeps taking.