Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thursday's Threads

I'm starting to think it always rains on Thursdays. Another gloomy day here in New England, but seriously, it was gorgeous out recently! It's not always gloom and doom here I swear. Anyway, it's about 45 degrees and rainy today. So that means no suede allowed! Here's what I picked out of the closet today:

That actually wasn't the top I had been planning on... I have lost the most gorgeous silk wrap around sweater ever. I know it has to be somewhere. I'm just hoping I didn't lose it at the dry cleaners without realizing it... Ugh. I shall hunt for it this weekend. Let's look closer at today's outfit:

Top: Philosophy
I got this one at Loehmann's before they went out of business last year. (They are back though in an online only format!) I love the sequins that are knit into the sweater. They're just flashy enough to add some fun to an otherwise very simple sweater. Confession: This came with shoulder pads!! Seriously! But I removed them. Much better. (Really, of all the things to bring back from the 80's, shoulder pads are NOT it!)

Pants: Kate Spade
I found these in the clearance section at Marshalls for $29.00. They were the only pair there, and just happened to be my size. Of course they had to come home with me! I love the Robin's Egg blue color, and they fit amazingly well. Thank you Kate Spade for understanding women have behinds! How cute is the little silver spade on the pocket?

Belt: Designer Inspired from Ebay
I chose a simple black leather Hermes inspired belt for today. I love these belts, they look good with everything!

Shoes: Sugar
If you've been reading the blog for awhile, you won't be surprised that i have shoes to perfectly match my sweater... They are black fabric with tiny black sequins knit right in. When I saw these, I knew they'd be perfect for dressing down my sparkly sweater.

Arm Party time!

WHOA! See that?! I'm not wearing old faithful today. Since my pants have a silver accent, I figured I should match my jewel tones too. The watch today is my A-Line that I found on Rue La La a few years ago. I really love this watch. It feels so sturdy on. The other two bracelets are from Little Black Bag. They are a stretchy metal mesh with matching rhinestone beads.

I honestly am not 100% sure where the pretty blue bracelets are from... I think possibly H&M or Forever 21. Hard to say for sure. The rhinestone one was from the Little Black Bag going out of business sale. It has a gorgeous matching necklace too, but sadly after hunting all morning for my missing sweater, I didn't have time to look for that too.

So that's what I'm wearing today! Do you have a favorite from today's ensemble? What are you wearing?

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