Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday's Threads

Whoa! It's cold out today! Which figures because today is the day I finally got up and ran before work. And I got to wear these:

Yay for French Fry Leggings! (Yes they deserve capital letters!) I ran slow, but with a friend and her dog. It felt great to get back out there! Everything is better with friends, especially running.

But that's not why you're here today... Sorry for rambling. Back to matters at hand. So it's cold out, which means I need some warm clothes! I may or may not have done some shopping this weekend at the Calvin Klein outfit. And I maybe found a STEAL! You'll see below... You know, if it happened. (Spoiler: Obviously that happened.)

So here's today's outfit:

I couldn't really get a great photo in the mirror today, sorry about that! I totally envy real fashion bloggers who have friends or relatives to take amazing photos for them. But hey, I get the job done at least. Sort of. So let's take a closer look at everything!

Vest: Calvin Klein
Shirt: Old Navy
While I admit this vest is maybe supposed to be outer wear... I'm wearing it inside. It's freezing in my office anyway. I love the bright blue. And I love even more that it was 60% off. Yep, $31.00 for this amazing bright blue vest! Plus, when I bought my brother's birthday gift at Tommy Hilfiger, they gave me 10% off to use at Calvin Klein. Total bargain right here!
The shirt which you can't really see in today's photos, is just a plain, black, long sleeved tee from Old Navy. I've had it awhile, and I imagine was somewhere around $10.00. I prefer to get my plain wear-under-stuff items from Old Navy. I don't see a need to spend a ton of money on something simple, when these hold up just fine, and if they don't, they were cheap anyway.

Pants: Almost Famous
I'm pretty certain you've seen these before. What's not to love? Black, skinny jeans... Gold zippers... They're definitely on the favorite list!

Shoes: Isaac Mizrahi
Yeah, I know. They're amazing. Metallic blue leather, suede, punched toe detail... COMFORTABLE! I'm almost jealous of myself for having them. I got them from Zulilly awhile ago. I broke my rule of never paying more than $40 for shoes on them too. But you now what? Totally worth it. TOTALLY!

I love this double strander! So much that I bought it in two colors. They were apart of the big Little Black Bag goes out of business sale.

Arm Parties:
I kept it equine related on this arm. The first is a bracelet very similar to the one from Fornash, but I got it from a discount site called Tack of the Day. They email me special horsey deals every day at noon. Of course I had to get the bracelet... in two colors. This one happens to match my trusty watch perfectly, doesn't it?! The middle one is from Zulilly and I have no idea what the brand is. But it reminds me of the Hermes bangles that are insanely expensive. (I'm talking over $500 for gold colored metal and enamel. No thanks.)

The first two here are from my own craft studio. (That's the fancy name I call my lap.) I love that I just happened to have made a bracelet that matched my necklace PERFECTLY! I think that's what drew me to the necklace in the first place, I already had a bracelet to go with it! The last one is also from Little Black Bag. I forget the brand, but I have it in green too. (Does anyone else sense a pattern here?) What I love about this is that it's actual heavy metal chain, not plastic. So it's sturdy and I'm not worried about breaking it.

Purse: Pour La Victoire

Apparently today is wear everything Little Black Bag day. (I so miss that shopping experience... SO MUCH!) I got this bag there, they were selling them for around $40.00. Not bad for genuine leather! I haven't seen them retail under $70 ever, and that's with being on sale. Did I buy it in two colors you ask? Umm... no? (Yeah I totally did. I have an amazing metallic green one. You can see it here. Maybe I have a problem... maybe.)

So that's it! Definitely black and blue kind of day, but in a good way! What are you wearing today?


  1. nice work getting out for a run! and in the morning no less! Must have been the power of the french fry leggings!

    Katie @

    1. French Fries rule my life. I do whatever they say. Always.