Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thursday's Threads

Happy Thursday readers! It's a brisk autumn day here in New England, and I had the CUTEST outfit planned complete with my new, ridiculously expensive belt. Unfortunately, the sweater dress I was planning to wear turned out to be completely see-through and the belt needs one more hole punched in it... Of course I found all this out ten minutes before leaving for work soooo.... Well, I hope you're impressed with my ability to throw an outfit together in ten minutes or less!

Is it me, or does checkerboard NOT flatter? So cute though. I suppose you can't have it all. Let's take a closer look at the outfit!

Top: Express by way of Marshalls ($13.00 on clearance!)
It's a knit top, and what I love most is that the pattern is on the back also. It drives me batty when a top has some cute pattern on the front and nothing on the back. You are visible to people from the front AND the back. I think clothes should do their job all the way around.

Pants: Vigoss
I've had these forever. I have this dark pair and two other that are the same yet slightly lighter in color. They're really stretchy and comfy. Go to pants!

Boots: Tahari by way of DSW
This photo does NOTHING for these boots. Seriously. They are amazing. Butter-soft leather, stretch panel for the perfect hug-your-leg fit. Gold toned hardware. LOVE! What I love most? I got them this summer at DSW for 80% off. Yep, I paid $35.00 for these.

Arm Candy:
I found this stirrup bracelet on Etsy a couple of years ago. It's a very dark brown leather with a brass stirrup. Had I worn my original outfit it was the perfect compliment to my overpriced belt. Maybe next time! And you all know my trusty watch of course.

I got a little crazy today and mixed my metals! Gold tone on the left, silver on the right. First is a designer inspired bangle from ebay. Next is a stirrup bracelet from the Ralph Lauren outlet. Normally I'm not a fan of these toggle type latches and they almost always fall off somewhere. But this one has a huge stick, so I think it will stay put. the rest of the bracelet that you can't really see is black, braided leather.

So that's it for today! Not as fun as my original plan, but not bad all things considered! What are you wearing today?

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