Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weekend Recap

Some weekends are so calm and relaxing, you just don't want them to end. Others are so busy and stressful they're over before you even knew they started. This was more the like the latter.

My plans for Saturday included picking up Ducky, having a lesson with Jampy, riding Ducky, having Jamp clipped (I hired someone this time!), and finally finishing my evening at a book release party! Ahhhh the best laid plans. Unfortunately, my best friend Rio showed signs of relapse. My local vet didn't have any meds either. FORTUNATELY, my lameness vet did. And he agreed to meet me in the middle. (He's about 2 hours away from my farm.) Problem was, when I got a hold of him, I was in the process of getting Ducky. So I couldn't leave right away. And then the vet was called to an emergency. As I said, the best laid plans... Oh also, it was pouring rain. Of course it was! But honestly, that part was actually helpful. So what my Saturday actually looked like was this:
Pick up Ducky
Drive 2 hours for meds
Meds for Rio
Jampy got clipped while I was on the road
Lunge Ducky
Ride Jampy
Groom Rio
And finally, the Book Party!

Shameless plug: An old riding buddy of mine wrote this book Night Blindness. And though I have not yet started it, it's getting amazing reviews. You should definitely add it to your list of books to read!

Sunday was a beautiful day (thank goodness!) so I was able to accomplish most of the to do list. I needed to run some errands in the morning. After that was my rescheduled lesson from the day before. Then a ride on Ducky, and a handwalk for Rio.

I also needed to complete my 10K for the virtual Pugicorn race I had registered to run. More on that in another post, but in the meantime, here's the medal I'll be getting:

I know, you can't even. Me neither.

The rest of my Sunday was SUPPOSED to be dedicated to packing for the New England Finals, but I got a surprise text from my human best friend that she was in town and wanted to meet up for a drink. Well friends, you don't say not to that! So packing had to wait. Probably not my most responsible decision. My Monday was ridiculous. But whatever. It was worth it.

And the next thing I knew? It was Monday again. Ugh.
How was your weekend? Did you accomplish all you planned? Have time for relaxing? Get a run in?

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