Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday's Threads

It's starting to get chilly here in New England! Yesterday it was a balmy 75 degrees, but this morning was barely 50 when I left for work. I decided to keep it casual (and warm!) today after having to dress nicely for an open house at work yesterday. (In other words, I wore heels all day and my feet hurt.)

Comfy, yet respectable. You really can never go wrong with a cable knit sweater and dark jeans.

Top: Ralph Lauren

I love this sweater. I have LOTS of Ralph Lauren cable knit sweaters (I live near the outlet!), but this one is my favorite. It's the prettiest mossy colored green, and the stripes make it feel more on trend than the traditional solid colors.

Jeans: American Eagle (via Marshalls)
It's possible you've seen these before. I can't remember. They have a slight boot cut to them, which was perfect for pairing with my cowgirl boots! I like the dark denim and that they have a tiny bit of stretch to them... They did seem a touch tighter than I recalled them being last time I wore them... Probably not the jeans fault though... Oops.

Cowgirl Boots: John Deere
These boots! They're actually from the kids collection. I love having small feet! Truth is, I bought these for riding Ducky with his western spurs. Only I didn't think that through all the way. Since I ride in an English saddle, cowgirl boots and jeans will not work! Ooops. But they are the cutest boots ever, so I don't mind just wearing them for everyday life. The green in them matches so well with my sweater today! And I love pink. So despite the poor planning in purchasing them, I'm confident they'll get a ton of use.


I'm not sure of the brand on this one. I've had it a long time, and figured it was the perfect complement to my cowgirl boots today!


I figured it was time to dig out some oldies but goodies for today's arm candy. On Lefty is Jules Smith cuff bracelet that I got from Little Black Bag back in the day. (Yep, still miss that site.) Next is a custom bracelet with my name on it I got from Etsy. It's super delicate, so I try not to wear it too much. I don't want to break it! And you all recognize my watch by now.
Righty has another Etsy find up first. That stirrup is brass with a leather bracelet attached. So cute! Next is a horseshoe cuff from Sloane Ranger, and then a bit cuff from Baublebar.

So that's it for today! What are you wearing? Is it getting cold where you are?


  1. loveeeee that monogram bracelet! SO CUTE

    1. Thank you! Etsy is the best place for cute things like that!

  2. Cable knit sweater + dark jeans is a fail-proof combo for sure! Your green sweater is great Stacie. Perfect blend of preppy and chic. Can't go wrong with Ralph Lauren!

    Yes it's definitely getting cold (and WET) where I am, which is Vancouver. It's nonstop rain these days!

    Stuff I Love

    1. Thank you! Ralph Lauren tends to be my go-to when I'm feeling uninspired. It's always classic and with my close proximity to the outlet, accessible!
      Vancouver! I bet you'll be seeing the dreaded "S" word soon (snow!). Just north of me had some this weekend. Brrrrrr.
      Thank you for stopping by, I love your blog!