Friday, October 24, 2014

Quickest Getaway Ever

I never did a weekend recap this week, since you had already read about my 5K Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon was my usual horsing around (haha, see what I did there!?). But Sunday, my family and I went to visit my little brother in Vermont.
He purchased a chunk of land last year but didn't officially move until this Spring. I hadn't seen the place yet, and my dad and step mom hadn't been up there in quite some time either. So we were long overdue for a visit with my little bro! He's pretty far north, so visiting by car takes planning and a lot of time. About 5 hours or so each way. Fortunately, when traveling with my dad, sometime we get to fly. This was one of those times!
The flight is less than an hour, and the scenery was beautiful with the fall colors:

I gotta tell you... VT was cold! And damp. But we dressed accordingly. My brother lives very simply up there in VT, and my dad had warned us there probably was no heat. He was right. Though there is a wood stove which I imagine will warm that little house up in seconds, my brother wasn't willing to light it just yet. I can't argue. I'm trying not to turn my heat on yet either. Life is getting cold my friends.
My brother is very interested in living as off-grid as possible. He also hopes to learn to be mostly self-sustaining. As such, he doesn't have a real bathroom. No really. (I just don't get this part.) So when we landed at Stowe airport, we were sure to use the restroom before our journey to Josh's house.
Despite the lack of modern conveniences (and bathrooms) the property is gorgeous. We did a little exploring, but not much as it was raining and my niece's tiny legs aren't met for rigorous hiking just yet.
some outbuildings and the propane tank

Josh's House

garden, greenhouse, and chickens

Chester in the front, Juno behind him

My brother build this wood shed himself, and split all that wood too!



Beautiful view!

My older brother learning to split wood

He actually did it!
Checking out the tractor

Hiking. Everyone hikes with a Gucci bag right? no? Just me?

Me and Juno keeping warm
Josh even made us lunch (sorry if you're not a meat eater, look away):
grilled veggies and venison
Everything was delicious. The water, though it hasn't killed my brother yet, was questionable at best, so we opted for a bit of wine instead. But not too much since, you know... No bathroom. By around 2:30 we all were in need of one of those, so we said our goodbyes and headed back to the airport. Ahhhh! Restrooms, coffee makers, and electricity!
It was great seeing my brother. I'm in awe of his ability and preference to live as he does, though really, it's not a lifestyle for me. Maybe next trip, we'll rent ourselves a port-o-potty and stay a bit longer!

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