Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday's Threads

Is it me, or does it rain EVERY THURSDAY? Yep, another gloomy Thursday here folks. I swear I have adorable spring outfits just waiting for a Thursday Threads appearance... Alas, it's not to be today. But I do I think my outfit is pretty cute for a rainy day!
Wanna see? Ok:

Let's start at the bottom and work up today. This is definitely up there on my favorite shoes list:

It's possible I've shown you these before. But either way, I'm going to gush over them. They are black patent Sperry's with some glitter detail on the sides. Oh and the inside? It's lined with sheepskin. Yep. Warm, cozy, adorable Sperry's. Also, I got them last year at Marshalls for like $29.00. Miracles DO happen!

The pants I'm pretty sure I've shown you before:

They are by Earl Jeans. I'm fuzzy on exactly where/when I acquired them, but they are definitely a staple in my wardrobe!

So about this sweater:

It's from Poof. I got it last week at TJ Maxx. I paid $3.00 for it. Yes that's right, I did not leave out a digit. It was on clearance for $3.00. I like how the stripes start small and get bigger (small by my giant butt and big up at my small chest... well played sweater!). If the $3.00 price tag wasn't enough to make me want this, that contrasting mint stitching obviously convinced me to take this home. I paired it with a mint cami underneath (the sweater is pretty sheer, perfect springtime weight) and my S necklace from Baublebar that you've seen many times:

Due to the long sleeves, my arm party is a little hidden. But it's there! I promise. I did some photos in the field today of my bracelets (by that I mean in the car when I first arrived at work):

I nearly did a rerun of last week's arm candy, but realized you expect something new and exciting, so I went with black and gold jewels instead of mint. I think either works with this outfit!
Righty up at the top is wearing all jewels from Little Black Bag.
From top to bottom: The first one is from Geranium. I don't think I've shown this one to you yet, it's a gold chain with a suede strip woven through it. It also has a very delicate, thin, gold chain attached and a tassle that hangs by the clasp. Next is the black and gold Chevron from ETK, followed by the black and gold rope bracelet from.... I can't remember who made that one (sorry). Last is the Mocha Infinity bracelet. I love how well they all stack together!
Left has on my trusty watch of course, along with a stack of cheapies from Forever 21. I ordered them online and was surprised at how nice they are! Nice heavy metal, and made really well! Impressive Forever21! Especially for how inexpensive they all were.
From left to right: The first one has spikes that lay flat and run along both sides. The second has outward facing spikes and a ball chain along the edges. The last one I think is my favorite. It's stretchy, with spikes on one side, and a leather piece on the other with slider charms spelling LUCKY. So cute, and so different!

That's it from here. Do you have a favorite item from above? What are you wearing today?

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