Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday's Threads!

Happy Thursday everyone! It's a rainy spring day here in CT, so my outfit reflects the weather: a little dark and includes boat shoes! (You know, because boat shoes are good to wear around water. See what I did there?!)
Full view:

Let's start at the top today!

The sweater is from Old Navy, a few seasons ago AT LEAST. I can't remember exactly when I got this one. It's a loose knit, and the yarn is actually ribbon. I really love this sweater. I often like to pair it with some khaki linen shorts in the warmer months.
Holding up my pants:

I **think** you've seen this before, but I can't really remember. It's a leather Hermes inspired belt from ebay. I love the green! It's a little more forest color than the top is, but close enough.
Speaking of Pants:

They are from a brand named Lola, which is actually a BCBG brand. I bought them last August while horse showing in Manchester, VT. Somehow they still fit really well despite my being a bit **ahem** larger than I was last summer. I think maybe they're magic, like in that movie where the pants fit all the different girls.
And the best part:

My Sperry's! I love Sperry's and Sperry inspired footwear. I have at least 20 pairs of boat shoes. I think. Safe estimate anyway. All different colors of course, I would hate to be redundant. But these beauties I found on Rue LaLa for around 40 dollars. Great deal, and they're my go-to color! Total win.
Arm Party!

Today's arm party is dedicated to my love for a brand called Nakamol. I had never heard of it until I joined Little Black Bag last year. Sadly, Little Black Bag is no longer in the retail business, however as a result, I accumulated a TON of these Nakamol bracelets for super cheap. Total win. The only items not from Nakamol on my arms today are my trusty old watch, and the first bracelet on my right arm. That one came from Etsy from a store called KatRox. So much love for the arm party today. SO MUCH.

Do you have a favorite part of today's outfit? What are you wearing today? Any great deals to talk about? I want to hear from YOU!


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