Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday's Threads: Springtime Edition

Are you sitting down? No? Ok I'll wait......

Ready? Great! So guess what?! No not chicken butt (well played reader). It's much better. MUCH BETTER!

It's actually warm and sunny today!!!!

Seriously. I know it's hard to believe. But believe it! Which only means one thing: I have a springtime outfit on today. Finally!

Cute, right? My only reservation is the cut of the top. I think maybe the waist should have been dropped a bit lower? It works though.

Just to be different, let's start with my arm candy today:

On my right hand today, I have (from left to right): a beaded bracelet with elephant charm that I got in a stack from Ebay. The others in the stack i think were pearl and light pink? (I can't remember as they have since split themselves up.) Next is a chunky braided bracelet from Ettika, a beaded bracelet from Nakamol, and the elephant bracelet from Ettika. These three (after the ebay one) were all shown in my final LBB bracelet haul. I love how they all look together, especially the multi sided beads found on all but the first bracelet. Nice tie in! 

My left hand is wearing items also from Little Black Bag. The bracelet is stretchy with these opaque mint rhinestones, faux pearls, and clear beads. I love the mixed media in this one! The watch you might remember from my final haul. It is from T&J Designs. (See? I said it would get lots of use!)

Ok, on to the outfit!

The top is from a brand called SOY: Shine On YOU!! Honestly, who comes up with these? I found this one last year at Marshall's in the Juniors section. Which may explain the odd proportions. Either way, I think it's cute enough. I like that it's short sleeved and not sleeveless as most of my cute spring/summery tops are. I also love that despite the delicate, neutral colored lace fabric, they added these studs on the shoulder to give it some edge. I think it would be cute either way, but I love the added decorations!

The pants are from Rue 21. Inexpensive but adorable. I have a confession about these pants... I nearly gave them away last year because they were really big on me. But since my winter weight gain... they fit rather nicely. Glad I held on to them. But really I hope I can have that problem again soon!

How cute are these Wanted flats?! The photo does not really show their real color sadly. They are basically a nude color, with just the slightest pink tint to them. Much like the top, I love how the spikes take an otherwise ultra-girly shoe and edges them up. Beware though, those spikes are pretty sharp!

What are you wearing today? Are you as mint obsessed as I am? Show me your outfits on my FB page:
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  1. love the color of the pants- so fun i LOVE mint toO!

    1. Thank you! Some people drink or do drugs... I buy mint colored clothing and accessories...