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The End of Little Black Bag: Part III Bracelets

As most of my readers are aware, I have spent most of my disposable income in the last year or so on the Little Black Bag website. I've accumulated TONS of jewelry, bags, accessories, etc from them over the past year. And now they are changing platforms to be more like an ebay with trading. I'm not sure I feel comfortable trading for used items not shipped from a central location, and thus, this is the end of the road for my wasting money Little Black Bag habit. As a final farewell, I am dedicating my next several posts to my Grand Haul as I like to call it (aka, lots of shipments between April and May). So sit back, relax, and try not to be too judgmental about my exorbitant spending.

Today is the largest of Grand Haul posts... We're going to see ALL THE BRACELETS. I am undiagnosed, but am pretty certain I am a bracelet hoarder. I have so many, I should probably be ashamed. But I'm not. You may want to grab some snacks before we get started. This is going to take awhile.

1. Nakamol Beaded Bracelet

I've said it before, and I'll say it again (no, seriously, in this post alone you'll see it many, many times) I LOVE Nakamol! So so so much!! These bracelets are small and delicate, and oh-so-pretty! This one is on tan leather cord with various shades of khaki colored beads.

2. Timi Beaded Friendship Bracelet

This one is a little chunkier than I expected, but I love it nonetheless. It's quirky and cute.

3. Catherine Stein Designs Stone Bracelet

I was really worried this would be too big since it's not adjustable. While it is a little loose, it's really not bad. Definitely not in danger of it falling off. The stones are really pretty and look high quality. I really like this one!

 4. Lydell NYC Embellished Stone Bracelet

I kept adding this to my loves and then deleting it. Then adding it again. Then it disappeared from the site. Then it came back and went on sale for $3! I added one right away, got some great offers, and added a second one to trade. I'm glad I finally wound up shipping one though, it's so pretty! It has a magnetic closure which is different.

5. Nakamol Beaded Bracelet

 By now you've seen enough Nakamol to know what they look like all laid out, so I'm just going to show the close up of this one. It has mint leather for the cord, and various pink colored beads. Obviously one of my faves since I'm a mint-a-holic. (Maybe I should change the description on my blog to Mint-a-holic bracelet hoarder?)

6. Nakamol Beaded Bracelet (funny how they all have the same name)

 Since this one is a little different I'll give you two views. My photos don't show the color well, but the cord is shiny gray and the beads are gold with lavender in the middle. The thread is also lavender. SO PRETTY! And so dainty. Right up my alley!

7. ETK Chevron Bracelet in pink

I'm pretty certain ETK is actually Ettika, but I can't know for sure. But I've loved Ettika since I first discovered the brand somewhere on the interwebs. And the ETK are just as amazing. Those pretty little gold chevron beads are HEAVY (in a good way!) and the bracelet is adorable. LOVE!

7. ETK Ribbon Bracelet

 This one has a multi colored ribbon in pastels with octagon shaped beads (maybe, I didn't count the sides, but you get the idea). Again the beads are solid metal, and very high quality. Another love!

8. Nakamol Mixed Beaded Bracelet (Hey look a new word in there!)

 I wish my photo was better of this one, but the beads are so shiny it was hard to get the lens to focus on them. It's really pretty with a flower shaped pattern in there. The cord is light blue leather with various shades of gold beads and green flowers. Very pretty!

9. Nakamol Pendant Beaded Bracelet

 I love this so much. SO MUCH. That pretty little rhinestone pendant in the middle is so gorgeous! It gives a little extra something to an already gorgeous bracelet. This one is shades of dark green with gold leather cord.

10. Bindy Small Beaded Bracelet

This one wraps I think 5 times around my smallish wrists. It's really pretty. The ladies LOVE Bindy on LBB. They are similar to the Chan Luu bracelets that are so popular, but much less pricey. I like this one tons because the beads are so delicate. It's brown cotton cord with gold toned beads. The small beads are solid, and the larger ones are transparent.

11. Geranium Cord and Chain Braid Bracelet

I actually have one similar to this from another brand that has pink cord. It's an adorable bracelet and stacks well with others. Love the mint and tiny spikes!

12. Mocha Stone Bracelet in lime green

These are cute, I love the chunky stone with the dainty gold chain. You'll see some other colors later on in this post :)

 13. Catherine Stein Designs Beaded Bracelet Set

I love these! They're very simple, just stretchy beaded bracelets, but the color combination is PERFECT! Love it!

14. All the Rage Bow Bracelet

This one is very cute, but it's too big for me. I think I'm going to remove the bow and make a corded bracelet with it instead. The charm is adorable but the bangle bracelet part is just much too big on me.

15. Mata Traders Beaded Arya Bracelet in Royal Blue

This one is really cute! It's royal blue beads (which match my trusty watch face!) with rose gold chain. It's not the best quality in my opinion, but it's cute and was only a 2 or 3 dollars. So no complaints.

16. Punch Charm and Crystal Bracelet

I LOVE this one! Maybe because of the mint charms? I'm not sure. But once this was in my bag, I held on tight to it. It's on faux leather with a snap closure. The closure has two options so it is adjustable.

17. K. Kreative Chain Friendship Bracelet

I wanted this so badly I actually opened my bag with it. It's my favorite mint green with lavender and gold beads. What's not to love? It fits great too.

18. ETK Ribbon Bracelet in pale pink

This is the same as the one above, but is solid pale pink instead of multi colored. Love it!

19. Flea Market Girl Rope Stone Bracelet

Don't let the name deceive you, that is leather on the side not rope! It's a beautiful bracelet. I would probably wear it on its own, not in a stack as it has a lot going on. The stone is mostly a grayish color, but this one end is a beautiful iridescent purple. SO PRETTY! And so different!

20. Ettika Chain Link Bracelet

I knew I would love this before it even shipped home. I had been wanting one for awhile, but it was something like 60 dollars on the Ettika website. I didn't want it THAT much! But for $5 or whatever it was on LBB, I was sold! I think I may remove the tassle, I don't love that mustard color, but otherwise it's perfect!

21. Ettika Spiked Bracelet

I went back and forth on this one. I love spikes though. And LOVE mint of course. So I shipped it. I like it, but don't love it. I think maybe it's a bit over the top? I'm sure I'll wear it though, and for the very low price tag, I'm not complaining!

22. Mata Traders Beaded Arya Bracelet in Teal

This is the same as the Royal Blue one above, but in teal. Again, I like it a lot. Not the highest quality, but for the price tag, it's just as it should be. I love the color too!

23. Nakamol Beaded Bracelet

More Nakamol! Of course I love this one! It's another green and khaki one, and will look amazing stacked with some of its friends from above. See:

 Who needs a bracelet that wraps 4 times when you have 4 gorgeous ones instead?

24. Lolita Jewelry Octagon Stone Chain Bracelet

This set is so pretty. You already saw the necklace on yesterday's post, so you know I love it.

25. Lydell NYC Stone Bracelet

Lydell NYC has great quality pieces, and this is no exception. The photo on LBB didn't really show the stone part well, and I thought it was just one big stone. This is so much better!

26. All The Rage Gold Bar Bracelet

This one is just ok for me. It's cute and dainty, but the seed beads are yellow gold and the bar and chain are rose gold, which is just a little weird to me.

27. Ettika Peace Sign Braid Bracelet

I'm all for Peace, but I'm not into the peace sign really. I loved the colors on this bracelet though, and know it will be adorable in a stack. I'm going to remove the charm and then it will be perfect!

28. All The Rage Triple Studded Bracelet

I was sooo excited when I saw this on the site! I couldn't wait to get it home. But when I did I was surprised by how HUGE it is. It's still cute, and I will still wear it, but I wish it was smaller. It fits around my wrist just fine since it's adjustable. It's just surprisingly bulky.

29. Shar K Friendship bracelet

I love these friendship bracelets with the rhinestones on them. There's a company called Gypsies and Debutantes that makes gorgeous ones, but are very expensive. This one is of course my favorite color, so I love it!

30. Lydell NYC Pearl Bracelet

I wasn't sure about this one. I kept feeling intrigued by it, but knew it would be HUGE. And HUGE it is! But I actually really love it. It's prettier in person than my photo is showing, and I think with the right dress, will look really classy!

 31. Ettika Chain and Spike Bracelet

Confession: I already own this in solid purple. But it was so inexpensive and slightly different with the yellow thread in there that I just had to have it. Clearly I love it!

32. Jardin Shoe Charm Bracelet

It's no secret that I love shoes. They have their own room at my house even. So shoes on jewelry is always a must have for me. I figured this would be really cheesy, but it's actually so nice!  There are pretty beveled rhinestone charms in between the shoes, and all of the shoe charms are removable, so you could just wear one if you wanted. Great bracelet!

33. Ettika Elephant Bracelet

I had no idea it said wisdom on the other side! So cute! It does kind of look like the elephant pooped... but whatever, I love it anyway!

34. ETK Chevron Bracelet in Black

Of course I love this one. It stacks so well with my other favorite black and gold bracelets. So pretty!!!

35. Shar K Zipper Bracelet

Ok, yes, this one is kitchy and a little ridiculous. But it's so cute too! I had a bunch of zipper jewelry when I was a little kid in the 80's, so this is nostalgic for me!

36. Ettika Braided Stud Bracelet

This is a big chunk-o-bracelet! I love it! I think if that mint one from above had been a single strand like this it would have worked better. Oh Ettika, you're so wise in your designs.

37. Geranium Flower Bracelet in Navy

How pretty is this?! Answer: VERY. You will see it again down below in mint. Once I shipped this one and saw it, I had to have both options. I think these work best on their own rather than in a stack.  LOVE!

38. Punch Spike Bracelet

I actually thought this would be much sillier looking than it is. I really like it! There are three brands with bracelets like this on the site, and this was the cheapest. Oddly enough, I think it's the nicest. The silver beads in the middle make it a little fancier. It's hard to see in the pictures here, but the spikes are actually two different blues that alternate. Surprisingly nicer than I expected!

39. Catherine Stein Designs Buckle Bracelet

I'm not a huge fan of this one. It's perfectly good quality and all that but I just don't really like it. I traded for it and as soon as I got it was like "meh". I can't say anything bad about it, just not really my style I guess.

40. Adia Kibur Braided Metal Bracelet

Blech! This one, while yes it is pretty looking, it's really low quality. Very light weight and flimsy feeling. I was disappointed as it was very popular, and looks so pretty! I'll probably still wear it at some point, just wish it had been more sturdy.

41. Ettika Square Stone Bracelet

For maybe a minute, they had this on the site in blue also, and I really wanted the blue one more... I love pink, but coral... not as much. But honestly, in real life, this is gorgeous! I'm so glad I decided to ship it. Plus, it looks amazing with the next two in a stack.

42. Ettika Rose Braided Bracelet

I  love this. I didn't notice initially, but it has a strand of turquoise rhinestones braided in as well as the ribbon. So pretty!!! So pretty in fact, I also got it in blue which you'll see below. If you think it looks familiar, I have a similar one that's lavender and mint which I've featured a few times on this blog.

43. Ettika Rose Beaded Bracelet

What's not to love here? A pretty flower on a dainty beaded bracelet? Perfection! Plus look how pretty it looks with the other two coral colored bracelets:

44. Jessica Simpson Cyan Hexagon Print Bracelet

 I got this one knowing full well I probably won't wear it a whole lot. But I love the color combination! It's actually nicer than I expected. It's not super thick, and is very soft. Surprisingly cute!

45. T&J Designs Bracelet

This is the one that came with the awesome mint watch. I mentioned in the watch post that I don't like the bracelet. I still don't. It's stiff and bent in an odd place. The rhinestone bar is not centered. So much dislike for this! But since the watch is amazing, I'll let it slide.

46. Nakamol Box Chain Glitz Bracelet

I just love Nakamol. So much love! This one is chocolate brown leather cord with gold box chain, and alternating gold and green beads.

47. Nakamol Beaded Box Chain Bracelet

Do I have to keep saying it? Ok I will. LOVE! This one is green leather cord, a gunmetal box chain, with 1 row each of bronze beads and green beads.

48. Nakamol Rectangle Beaded Bracelet

 This photo doesn't make it look that pretty. But it's really pretty, you'll have to trust me. Green leather cord, bronze beads, and bugle beads that are a steal color on this one.

49. Nakamol Braided Bracelet

On this one, the gold box chain IS the cord! Fancy right? The braided part is string. It's perfect for me since it's my farm colors! So much Nakamol love in this post. So much.

50. Nakamol Braided Bracelet

This is basically the same as the one above in a different color scheme. The greens lean more toward teal and the box chain is gunmetal. SO PRETTY!!!

51. Nakamol Box Chain Bracelet

Another semi dupe, this one is in the blue family with a gold box chain, gray leather cord, and blue beads.

52. Nakamol Beaded Bracelet

Truth: I got this one to stack with that chunky Ettika one above. Seriously, I did. They look great together, though I didn't think to snap a photo. Sorry. But I'm sure eventually it will make an appearance in that way on Thursday's Threads.

53. Ettika Rose Braided Bracelet in Blue

I think you already know I love this... Like the pink one, it has a strand of rhinestones braided in, these are sparkly light blue instead of turquoise. So pretty!

54. Adia Kibur Crystal Enamel Hinge Bangle Set

Please excuse my damaged thumb nail in this photo... That should have polish hiding it! Anyway, these bracelets are really nice. I was relieved to find that out after the chain bracelet set from the same brand was so flimsy. I also got the green set of these, unfortunately I can't find the photos of those. But I'm really happy with both colors!

55. Lydell NYC Teardrop Stone Bracelet

I went back and forth on this one trying to decide if I wanted to ship it. But what convinced me (other than the obvious: mint stones!) was that it was Lydell. I have never been disappointed with anything from this brand. And so is true of this piece. It's very pretty, and I think it will get a lot of use this summer.

56. Lydell NYC Multi Stone Bracelet

At first glance I was thinking, "WHOA this is HUGE!" But once I tried it on, I actually love this bracelet. You'll see in a future post I also have the matching ring. Cute and beautiful quality as you'd expect from Lydell.

57. Zad Chain Ribbon Bracelet

This was a last minute trade as my time was ending. I traded something I wasn't wanting to ship for it. I wasn't sure if I liked this one or not, but it's my farm colors, so how could I lose? Also, it's great qualilty, nice and heavy. Surprise win!

58. Geranium Nail Bangle

I love jewelry that looks like other things. So of course I had to get the nail bangle. It's a little bit big on me, but I think I will still wear it. Very cute!

59. Nakamol Chain Beaded Bracelet

Oh look! More Nakamol! I imagine I will never have to buy any ever again. This is another one with green leather cord, gold box chain, and green beads. I know it seems shocking, but none of them are duplicates, I swear!

60. Lydell NYC Multi Stone Bracelet

I had trouble getting the camera to pick up the colors properly on this, but the big stone is an opaque forest green, and the smaller ones are more iridescent. It's unbelievably pretty in real life! I wish the photos were better. Maybe one of these days I'll make a light box. Probably not though.

61. Nakamol Beaded Bracelet in pink

This one is adorable, again the colors are showing funny though. The leather cord is a pale pink, with matching beads in the center. The other beads are a bronze color. Very pretty of course!

62. Mocha Stone Bracelet in Black

I just think these are adorable. They'll look great paired with my watch to match different outfits.

63. Mocha Infinity Bracelet in White

This just a really simple cord and charm bracelet. I think it's adorable and will look great in a stack!

64. Shar K Nail Cuff

This had been on sale once before on LBB, and I had bought one but traded it for a great deal. I've kind of wished I had shipped it for awhile, so when it came back on sale again, I decided to go for it. I'm not disappointed, it's really cute!

65. Ali-Khan New York Bangle Set

I LOVE the colors in this set! I thought they were the same type of bracelet you see from Alex & Ani, but unfortunately they aren't adjustable. They're a little big for me, but I really love them, so I think they'll still get worn quite a bit. Possibly with the bracelet below. If I wear that and stack these behind, they should work quite well!

66. Geranium Mini Buckle Bracelet

I had favorited this bracelet when it came out around the holidays, but then it disappeared from the site. Also it was a little pricey initially. So when it showed up and was on sale, I had to have it! I love the colors, and it's very well made.

67. Shar K Chain and Fabric Bracelet

As you can see from the photo, the name of this is a little misleading. It's chain and string. But so pretty! I think it might actually stack nicely with the Coral colored Ettika bracelets from above. It would be a HUGE stack... but bigger is better right?!

68. Ali-Khan New York Studded Bangle Set

I didn't really want to ship these. They're cute, but I'm just not sure I'll wear them. I was excited when I opened them though! They're really nice quality and not super big. Maybe they'll get more love than I thought.

69. Mocha Square Bracelet in Pink

The photos of this on LBB did it ZERO justice! I LOVE this bracelet. It's soooo pretty! The metal square part is a brushed gold, and while the cuff part is faux leather, it's unbelievable soft. And the color is amazing. It's very pale pink but with a gold overtone. I can't even tell you how pretty this is. I love it so much!

70. Shar K Multi Row Rope Bracelet

I had tried to get this in brown a few bags ago to match my nautical looking tote (which you'll see soon!) but it was out of stock (OOS for my LBB ladies). I was happy that the black one was in stock though, it will stack nicely with the black chevron bracelet and a few others. It is not in fact rope however, it's leather (possibly faux leather, I'm not really sure).

71. Ettika Beaded Rose Bracelet in Mint

You already know I love this. Rose, beads, mint... nothing not to love!

72. Geranium Bracelet with Turquoise Stone

I just thought this was adorable. It will look great in a stack or on its own! I thought it was so cute, I got it in two colors. You should come across that soon if you keep reading. (Seriously if you're still here, you must love bracelets as much as I do. Because this is insane. Who buys over 80 bracelets in two months?!)

73. Ettika Turquoise Stone Bracelet

I loved the colors on this bangle so much! Unfortunately, it's pretty big. I think it will work if I stack some smaller ones in front of it though. We'll have to see!

74. Robert Rose Stud Link Bracelet

I wasn't really wanting to ship this one. It's pretty and great quality, but I was kind of indifferent towards it. It kind of reminds me of the tab from a soda can. But in actuality, it's very nice, and I bet I will get a lot of use out of it. I like that it's both gold and silver.

75. Mocha Stone Bracelet in Pink

 I promise, this is the last of these! So cute though, isn't it?!

76. CC Skye Enamel Hinge Cuff

Yep, this thing is ridiculous and huge. And you know what? I LOVE IT!!!!! I love hot pink. I love gold. I love ridiculousness. Win all over! It retailed for $125.00 which I would never spend. But since this was my final bag ever, I decided to throw caution to the wind and open with it. I think it was a $63.00 bundle. Still a lot more than I'd ever spend on costume jewelry, but it was my last hurrah. Plus it came with some great items in the bundle. One of them being a pair of earrings from the same brand with a $125.00 retail value as well. I traded them for a Kelsey Dagger bag which you'll see soon in the bag post. I'm going to miss getting such a great deal. Oh LBB why did you have to change?

77. Nakamol Beaded Bracelet

Oh look! Another Nakamol... how did that get in there? Just kidding! I traded for this one. Funny thing is I wasn't that excited about it. I thought it was just black and gold and was kind of meh about it. But also figured it would go with a lot, and Nakamol's never disappoint. Well I was right. But SURPRISE! When this arrived it was olive green! You know I love all things green and gold, so this made me extra happy!

78. Catherine Stein Designs Mesh bracelet Set

This was another... surprise if you will. I thought the set was all gold, as that's what it showed in the photo on LBB. Three gold bracelets. But when it arrived it was three colors. I'm actually really happy about it though. You can wear them individually or all together, so I think the three colors actually makes it much more versatile. Another surprise win!

79. Punch Large Stud Bracelet

Honestly I shipped this just to see how silly it was. Surprisingly, not that silly! I'm pretty sure I'll wear this quite a bit, though probably more in the winter. It's not that summery in my opinion. But it's for sure cute!

80. All The Rage Bolt Cuff

I said it earlier, but I'll remind you: I love jewelry that looks like other things. Just like the nail bracelets, I think this is kitchy and fun. I was nervous it would be too big, but it's not. Very cute!

81. Geranium Flower Bracelet in Mint

It's probably hard to recall at this point, but you saw this earlier in blue. I just think these are so pretty! I can't wait to wear this with a cute mint outfit!

82. Mocha Infinity Bracelet in Black

Simple, cute, fun. You already saw the white one, so I won't waste any more of your time.

83. Geranium Bracelet with Peach Stone

You've already seen one of these too. This one is the reverse of the first though, with turquoise beads and a peach colored stone. I bet they'll look really cute together.

WHOA. That was a really long post. I should be ashamed for acquiring this many bracelets in two short months. But you know what? I'm not. I couldn't pass up these great sales, and I love my bracelet hoard!

Do you have a favorite? Is there anything you love to hoard collect? Stay tuned, as we still have rings, shoes, and bags to cover!

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