Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ahhh Unofficially Summer. FINALLY!

According to the weathermen this long weekend was NOT looking promising. Not at all. They had all kinds of rain in the forecast. ALL KINDS! Thankfully, they were all sorts of wrong! At least where I live. Not far from me, people were hit with some pretty bad storms, hail and everything!

I really didn't make many plans for the weekend other than a pizza dinner on Sunday with some friends and dinner with the family on Monday. That left my days wide open for fun with ponies, fun with pugs, and fun in the sun. Wise move on my part!

Earlier in the week, when I was driving by the lake on my way home, I noticed this sign at the snack shack:

Now if you don't live on the CT Shoreline, this likely means nothing to you. But these donuts are AMAZING. They make Dunkin Donuts taste like a prepackaged cookie. (As in not even a pastry.) This snack shack is ohhh maybe 1/10 of a mile from my house. BAD NEWS for my pants ever fitting. Sigh. So I realized drastic steps needed to be taken, as we all know about my sweet tooth (see here).

Yep that's right. I had to start running again. No way around it. I put on this adorable little running skirt and matching tank and headed out the door. I chose the flattest route available near my house since it's been so long. The one next to Cedar Lake:

I'm not going to lie, I walked up the hills. I paused my watch during my breaks though to make sure I got 3 miles of running done. End result:

Not bad right?! I didn't think so either. Next I tended to the equine. Jamp and Ducky worked and had grass, while Rio (enjoying his retirement) skipped the working part.

Not a bad Saturday at all! Ducky even acted like a real horse doing everything I asked of him on the first try. Miracles do happen!

Sunday was much of the same, minus the run since I could barely walk. Holey out-of-shapeness! Check out what a gorgeous day we had:

Those skies! Am I right?! You may notice there is not a photo of a certain little gray horse eating grass from Sunday... That's because he reverted back to Spiteful Duck and refused to work again. REFUSED. I sat on him for over an hour being able to only move backwards. Clearly he's well aware that I am not a horse trainer. When I finally did get him to move, I decided to take him outside the ring instead, wondering if he was just begging for a change in venue. I walked all around the yard, and then right into the barn. Figured he could carry my tired legs inside. He seemed too surprised to argue.

 I had promised the pugs they could go for a walk on Sunday, so despite my sore legs, we went out for a one mile walk. There is a cul-de-sac just up the road from me, and it's about a mile there and back. It's a nice quiet street which is perfect since it can be a bit of a juggle with the two of them. I dare you to watch this without smiling:

They crack me up. All the time.

Monday I gave all of my barn helpers the day off so I had barn chores to do in the morning. It was raining at 7 when I got up, so after feeding, I lazed around with the pugs for awhile and got some reading time in. (We're reading The Goldfinch for wine book club. Excellent read so far, though a bit long.) Once the rain stopped, the horses went outside to play while I did barn chores. Being annoyed with Ducky still, I decided to ride Jamp, spoil Rio, and call it a day.  Artie, Pia, and I spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the sunshine outside.

What a great weekend! So much pony and pug time! What did you do this weekend? Any big plans or barbeques? Did you have nice weather?

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