Thursday, March 16, 2023

Thursday's Threads: St Patty's Edition


Little bit different format today because Eros and I actually modeled our St Patty's day outfit a bit ago for Pinsnickety to use for their marketing. So our photos are super high quality, thanks to Chelsea Lothrop Photography! All photos are by her and you can tell because they are amazing. 

Here's what Eros and I wore for our photo shoot:

I don't have individual photos of everything, so here you will see that I wore my One K helmet with gold rails and front shield and the green top piece. The breeches are Dover Wellesley. I don't think E had any boots on for these pictures. 

My sweatshirt came from Amazon and the pins are Pinsnickety of course! Socks are by Lettia as is the pad which you'll see again shortly. 

My boots are Tuffrider Regals that I painted with some glitter accents. Glitter leather paint is the best invention. 

Eros wore his Joseph Sterling bridle with the Boy O'Boy spiked browband. He also added a Pinsnickety pin to that giant meatloaf of a forelock braid. Because if you're going to do marketing for a fun company, you should do some fun things. 

Our saddle was still the loaner Butet back when we did this, so that's what he was wearing. Along with a Lettia baby pad and my mattes half pad. We are also sporting the horse shoe with clover pins from Pinsnickety. I kind of want to ride with a number every day just to use my pins... 

So that's our festive look for today. Any favorites? What do you think of Chelsea's photos? 


  1. What an outfit, the commitment with the boots and helmets never ceases to inspire me!

  2. i need to get more familiar with this glitter paint stuff ahead of our next group costume thing, hmmm

    1. Yes! I got it from Amazon. It's really easy to use.

  3. Eros sure is a photogenic guy and Chelsea takes amazing pictures. I gifted the clover and horseshoe pins to my trainer last fall and she said they brought her luck at the horse show where she and her mare were champion in the 1.15 jumpers.

    1. I can't wait to show with them! I hope they're lucky for me too!
      Eros really should be a supermodel. Perhaps when he retires, that could be his new gig. And Chelsea really is an artist. She does the most amazing work.