Wednesday, March 22, 2023

What's up Wednesday


Shiny continues to feel great after her vet work a couple of weeks ago. So great in fact, that she needed a free lunge. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to have one until today. The indoor was getting pretty dusty so it had to be watered. But after getting watered it sometimes gets a little slippery so I didn't want to free lunge any of the horses until it dried out some. As a result, Shiny was SASSY for her Thursday lesson! There were some antics. Cute ones. But antics nonetheless. It's really great to have her feeling good though. I'll take the sillies that come with that. This week has been really nice so far, so she's been able to ride outside which she prefers. Back in tomorrow for our lesson though since we don't have jumps outdoors yet. 

Speaking of sassy... Eros was in a similar head space as Shiny for our lesson last week. He's feeling great after his vet visit, but also couldn't have a free lunge due to the footing. Our lesson last week was... Um... fast. Ha! Eros was in full torpedo mode. He makes me giggle though. He started out his usual lazy self. The first few cross rails that we trotted he didn't even jump over, just trotted them like a raised cavalletti. It wasn't until we tried to jump a little course that the turbo thrusters kicked on. He still does nothing truly bad. He just gets mildly out of control. He will finally have his free lunge tomorrow before our lesson. Thank goodness. Due to said wildness, I haven't ridden E outside yet. We'll start doing that after tomorrow weather permitting. 

Big news on the Al front! With the return of temps above 50, Al is turning back into the quiet horse that I remember purchasing. In our Friday lesson, we even managed to jump a full REAL course, using almost the entire ring. We had a little help from our lesson mates who stood in the scary corners when it was Al's turn to jump. But however we made it happen, I'm just relieved we finally did it. I know it's silly. I shouldn't be celebrating using (almost) the full arena. But after the entire winter of him being a mess down at the far end, I'm pretty excited. I tried to take him outside today, opting first to do a lunge out there. He started out really quiet and lovely on the lunge line. But after changing direction, something set him off and he kind of lost his mind. Like it was hard to get him stopped, and at one point I saw him thinking about jumping right out of the ring... He didn't, thankfully. But he certainly considered it! I think the biggest problem was that I had him out there by himself. So he just panicked a little. I decided to take him back inside to ride though. He's generally better outside than in, so I'm not too worried that he had a bad day today. We'll try again! I'm not positive when as there's a lot of rain in the forecast. But we'll get there. 

Cutest boys getting their pedis

That's about all we have to report from here this week. How are things going with all of you?


  1. lol kinda sounds like the spring sillies are setting in early at your barn!! ;)

    1. Lol! They definitely are! Hopefully that means they will be over early too... Haha! Fingers crossed!