Thursday, December 10, 2020

Thursday's Threads


Since Chanukah starts tonight at sundown, I have half of a Chanukah outfit to share. Half because I'm lazy and just have boring breeches and non festive socks on the bottom. I also have a riding outfit to share! We'll start with the Chanukah:

I mean.... could there be a more perfect 2020 Chanukah shirt? Nope. I got the same print on a phone case too.

Sweatshirt: Amazon
I'm guessing most of you don't read Hebrew, but that says Chanukah up at the top. And the masked dreidel is just the funniest thing ever to me. What can I say? It's been a long year.

Belt: C4

You've all seen this one before. But I only have the one Chanukah belt! Maybe next year I'll look into a second one. I mean... Chanukah does last for 8 crazy nights!

Arm Party! 

Lefty here is donning a little Star of David bracelet from Ettika along with my Apple watch.

Righty went a little crazy... The first three little string bracelets with the charms are from Alex & Ani. My mom gave me those one year. Then my Fitbit, followed by a dreidel bracelet, and an Alex & Ani style one with a menorah on it.

So that's what I'm working in today, but I wore what I think is a cute outfit on Sunday to ride, so I'm sharing that too.
Lots of Ariat... AND my new boots!

Helmet: One K MIPS
Mask: Vera Bradley

Same old, same old... These masks are the kid's size. I find the adult ones poke me in the eye balls. I know it looks a little funny, but that's because I have the top strap down low when my helmet is on. It stays put nicely though!

Vest and Top: Ariat
I always said I would never wear the vest with the shirt because it's a lot... but I kinda dig it. It's 2020. A lot is fine now.

This brown croc is one of my favorite Mane Jane straps! Plus it matches my new boots perfectly.

Breeches: Ariat Olympia
I drooled over these breeches FOREVER before finally finding a pair on sale in my size. For sure a favorite of mine! It's not everyday you find breeches in your barn colors.

Socks: Dreamers & Schemers
I just wore these on Thanksgiving so you've seen them recently. I think they're adorable.

Boots: Mountain Horse Sovereign Lux
Spur Straps: Mane Jane
Sorry this lighting is terrible. Regardless, these boots are gorgeous! They fit great, and weren't too painful for the first three rides. A little slippery, but most boots are when they're new. You can't really see here, but the spur straps are the same as my belt, so they go perfectly with the boots too! 

That's it for this week. The horses just wore their navy outfits. Maybe next week we'll have a (late) Chanukah outfit to share. Any favorites from today?


  1. The new boots are gorgeous, but I don't think anything will top your Celeris collection for me, I just adore those haha.
    "It's 2020. A lot is fine now."
    I legit laughed out loud when I got to this line.

    1. Yeah, they don't compare to Celeris that's for sure! But they're also like 1/3 the price, lol!

  2. Those fox hunting ariat scenes were so on point.

  3. Truth: "It's 2020. A lot is fine now."

    Excellent outfits - those new boots look amazing.

    Happy Chanukah to you and your family!

  4. I love both tops in this post. You look so put together. As always.

    1. Thank you! Not always... but I try for Thursday's Threads!