Wednesday, December 9, 2020

What's Up Wednesday


Lots going on around here this past week. But first, the most exciting thing... I got our photos back from our shoots a few weeks ago! The photos are amazing, and if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you've probably already seen some. But I'll be using them here on the blog some too. So prepare to get sick of pony glamour shots! I ordered a few for my walls, and they look fab. (Excuse the not so fab condition of my walls and the speaker wire...) Photos by Chelsea Lothrop Photography.

Friday the vet was out to inject Eros' neck. I've never injected a neck before, but it was kind of a last resort to see if we could get Eros 100%. It can take up to two weeks to see results, but I think we're on the right path. With the neck, you don't have to rest them like you do with hocks, so I was able to ride him lightly all weekend.

Saturday wound up being a little extra light for him. It was supposed to rain only all day, but it started pelting ice during our ride. I cut it a little short because he was REALLY spooky about it and also I had driven my car rather than my truck to the barn, and I was concerned about the drive home. After his vet appointment the day before, I'm sure he was just as happy to have a short ride.

When your pony kisses back <3

Sunday he was much happier without the noise on the indoor roof and we had a lovely ride. The ring was busy, but Eros is so easy going it wasn't a problem. We had our flat lesson last night and (with doc's blessing) we were able to canter some poles on the ground! He thought that was super exciting and I now remember just how strong Jumping Eros tends to be. So sore today. Ouch.

Pammony didn't have an official visit scheduled with doc, but I did pick his brain some about how things are going. He agreed that it's time to address the back soreness we know Pammon has been dealing with since I got him. It's not from saddle fit (thank goodness) and it's also not resolved itself after all his time off. He started on Robaxin and I do think it's helping. His hind end hasn't dropped out yet this week which normally was happening several times per ride. Hopefully that will relax his muscles enough to heal itself. Our bodyworker/chiro is coming out again in about 10 days too. Let's hope we're moving forward! He's also been cleared to start some ground poles, but I haven't done any just yet. It's tough when there are lessons going on, but we'll get to it.

I actually have a couple photos of Pammon screaming in my face. 
Probably the most accurate representations of him.

Pammon has still been on Resurpine because he can get really worked up in his stall sometimes and we're trying to prevent him from injuring himself in there. But the time has come to take him off it. He's basically in full work now (flatting anyway) and he goes out everyday like all the other horses. I opted to step him down rather than quit cold turkey. Mostly because I'm a weenie and don't want to get bucked off. So far so good. But honestly, I really wish I could just be braver. I get a little frustrated with myself being so worried all the time. Pammon is a good egg and he's really only bucked with me a handful of times. I'm hopeful the confidence will come though. We just have to keep at it.

And then there's Shiny... I have lots to talk about with this one this week. First though, she got clipped! I used to do these things myself but the last few times my allergies flared up so badly I've been farming the job out. Worth it! She looks great, but is soooo light! It's funny to me how Palominos change color throughout the year. Her winter coat is much lighter in color than her summer coat. And the dapples only come out with the lighter coat. So weird.
Bleach Blond Shiny!
I got a much better report about her behavior... at least until they got to the insides of her ears. She then reared up, broke the cross ties and tried to kill people. Sigh. Ponies. I told them just to leave them fuzzy. I normally don't clip ears unless we're showing anyway. And if that should ever happen, we'll get some chemical assistance for that project!

Alright, on to the other stuff. 
I posted this photo on my Instagram story with a question box and fully expected someone to inquire about her dirty legs. But no one did oddly enough. The reason for the dirty legs is that Shiny fell again on Friday while we were riding. She went down to her knees, almost caught herself, went down to her knees AGAIN, and the did finally upright herself. I managed to stay on this time, thankfully. But it's very unnerving and I really need to get to the bottom of this. It's dangerous. I realize it's been almost a year since she went down like that, but she does trip a fair amount and I am worried there's something wrong. We did a neuro work up last time it happened and everything seemed normal. Doc took some blood Friday to see what her Lyme and EPM levels look like. Maybe we'll get some answers. Maybe not. Hard to say. 

She's been pretty difficult to ride this past full week. Nothing BAD per se. She doesn't do bad things. But very resistant to contact, and just wants to plow around on her front end. We go through this on a cycle it seems like. I'll make great progress with her flatwork and then she reverts back to where we started. Kind of frustrating, and does make me wonder if there's something physical that pops up. Speaking of popping up...
Yes. That's an ice boot on her leg.

Sunday she had a very swollen right front leg. I can't imagine it's related to falling on Friday. Her leg was completely fine on Saturday. We did our lesson and she was sound. We didn't jump much as she was so resistant and wanted to plow around on her forehand to the point I was really worried about falling again. So it's not like we did anything that should have injured her. She's sound on it even now, but it doesn't come down at all with work. Doesn't palpate sore anywhere, nor is there really any heat. Very strange. So needless to say, she's on the list for when Doc comes next. These horses you guys. She's supposed to be my sturdy one! Anyway. We've been icing and wrapping. Things I'm good at. 

So that's where we're at over here. Plugging along. How was your week/weekend? Do anything fun? Horses behaving?


  1. Oh my goodness those pro photos are GORGEOUS. Like total heart eye emoji #goals

    1. I am so in awe of them! First, Eros looks like an actual statue. Second, how she managed to not make me look like the awkward weirdo I am is beyond me.

  2. So Dante's LL's previous horse had a stumbling problem which resulted in an Assistant Trainer tearing ALL her neck muscles when he fell with her trotting. They did full neck and back xrays and it turned out he had spinal compression in 4 places. I'm not saying Shiny has spinal compression and definitely not as bad as this fucking horse, but yeah I'd check her neck and back.

    1. We are leaning toward a possible neck issue. She hasn't shown any signs of anything in her back (though you never know) but does show stiffness in her neck. Between her falling and Pammon a few months ago, I'm getting REAL angsty any time they so much as step sideways.

  3. love the pictures! good luck with the robaxin for Pammon too. i've heard that back soreness doesn't usually resolve itself, even with time off, so hopefully this will make a big difference! also, i feel you on how nerve inducing it can be riding a horse who trips and occasionally falls. charlie has definitely drilled me into the earth before and... yea, no likey. esp in the early days, i talked a lot with charlie's farrier about the tripping and he was able to do some magic around how the toes were trimmed -- something about breakover? idk, i don't know anything about farriery. but that might be an additional conversation worth having for Shiny?

    1. My vet said that too, that rest won't fix it. I guess he felt we needed to work on all the other broken parts first (seriously... horses.).
      Shiny's barefoot, but my farrier does roll her toes. She is due though, so they are a touch long. Could be part of the issue for sure!

  4. Haven’t blogged in forever but thought I’d comment since I still read. My mare has had chronic lower back pain and then had a hard fall running from rogue neighbor cows. The back was xrayed before the fall and found arthritis at T18 - likely from trauma such as getting cast.. which she did as a 3 year old and required chiropractic treatment after since her pelvis was uneven after the cast episode. The big surprise came from the neck. She has arthritic malformations likely from her fall mildly in c3/c4, more in c5/c6, and worst in c6/c7. And some other abnormalities lower in neck that are likely developmental/unrelated to the trauma.

    Anyway — at the first appt when I was hunting the lower back pain, we started her on the elevate vitamin e powder (5000 dose). I’ve heard this can be used on horses coming off epm treatment (unsure of why, and didn’t think to ask the vet). The vitamin e (or maybe the injection at the t18) has made a tremendous difference in her balance. She hasn’t fallen coming off the trailer or tripped under saddle, which were common pre-vet appt. we also did mesotherapy in her back in addition to the injection and she has been SO much more comfortable. In fact, we did it on the neck too after the trauma (along with shockwave) and she is so happy to work now.

    Not sure any of this is helpful in your case, but perhaps discussion topics for vet. Hope for an easy answer for you - I love following Shiny’s adventures!

    1. Thank you! I'm suspecting something in the neck with Shiny. She doesn't show any back pain, but there is stiffness through her neck.
      All of my horses are on elevate year round because they don't get much grass. So great advice there! Vitamin E is huge for immunity and also muscle health.

  5. The pro photos are really amazing - you and the ponies look fantastic! I'm so glad you had some printed out for the house! The one of Eros nuzzling your face is super cute. :-)

    I hope the treatments help the horses - I hope you can find out why Shiny is tripping - that is kind of nerve inducing for sure.

    1. Thank you! I'm so enamored with the photos! I can't stop staring at them, especially the black background ones!
      Thanks, I hope so too! I'm really not into falling down!