Thursday, December 24, 2020

Thursday's Threads: Christmas Eve Edition


The kids all wore Christmas jammies to ride today which is a level I haven't gotten to yet. But I did dress Eros and myself up in A Christmas Story themed outfits. That's more my speed. So here's what we wore!

If you look closely you can see my swollen ass/thigh through my breeches.
SOMEONE spun and dropped me last night... I won't mention
names.... but it might be the horse in this photo.

Anyway... Let's start with Eros' outfit.

Baby pad: Hopeful Equestrian
Half Pad: Ippico
Saddle: Butet
I just love this pad. I also have a thin cooler that matches but we didn't need it today. Last week was highs in the 20's here but today it almost hit 60. New England weather is so weird. Also, I'm loving this saddle now that it has knee blocks.

Boots: DSB with some add ons by me!
Why yes... Those are leg lamps on my boots! Thanks for noticing! These are the interchangeable boot prototypes I made. They really are working out great, and I'm so excited about them! Imagine the possibilities? One pair of boots... Countless outfit options!

So that was Eros' outfit. And here's most of mine! I forgot to snap fresh photos of my hat and boots, but it was the One K with the green inserts and my furry winter boots. 

Sweater: A Christmas Story (That's actually what's on the tag... no idea who makes it for real)
Indeed, it does light up. Not only that... it blinks! Tacky to the extreme. I love it.

Belt: C4
This was a limited edition. So it took me zero seconds to add to cart and check out when I saw it. 

Breeches: Ariat
With a sweater likes this one, I figured some plain beige breeches might be best. Plus I needed something stretchy that wouldn't press on my bruised leg too much. These fit both bills.

Socks: Not sure on brand
Of course there are socks! They aren't boot socks, but they do the job just fine.

Arm Party!
I took the part I cut off the belt and made it into a bracelet. 

Righty here is donning a couple bracelets I ordered from the actual A Christmas Story museum gift shop. Yes. I'm that person. I am who I am. What can I say? The gold one is from Alex and Ani. 

And that's it from here today! Any favorites? I can't pick just one. Maybe the saddle pad. But the belt... And the boots...


  1. a) i love {leg} lamp
    b) omg why are butt bruises the ABSOLUTE WORST tho???

    1. Leg Lamp is one of my most favorite things.
      And right?!

  2. haha love it! The leg lamp is so classic!

    Hope the bruises heal up ok!

    1. Thank you! I can canter without crying again, so I think it's on the right track!