Thursday, December 3, 2020

Thursday's Threads


Outfit day again! This one's short as the horses didn't dress up last night. But I love my color scheme for today's post!

I just love that dusty pink color with green. It's probably my favorite combo. 

Helmet: One K
Mask: Vera Bradley
I have my mask around my neck because I was the only one left at the barn. I promise I'm very responsible about wearing it! Also these Vera Bradley ones are my favorite. They have elastic that goes around your neck and head rather than ear loops, so I can wear it with my helmet even with my hair up in the hairnet over my ears.

Vest and shirt: Zyia

Full disclosure, this brand is from one of those awful and annoying MLM brands. A friend of mine hosted an online party and I wanted to be supportive. But honestly, the stuff is really nice! This vest is super warm and is like wearing a teddy bear. And the tech shirt is very nice too. It's a half zip and has a front pocket. Nice heavy weight for winter, but not overly thick. 

Belt: Mane Jane

I went with the olive strap since it was a pretty close match to the vest. And the rose gold buckle too to match my boots!

Breeches: Horseware
You're probably getting tired of seeing these. But I love them and they're nice and warm for winter.

Boots: Celeris UK

Yep. These again! I think the rose gold works well with the dusty pink top. 

And that's it for today. Short and sweet! Any favorites?


  1. Every time you post photos of those boots I just *lust* over them. So lovely!

  2. dude the hair net / mask ear loop conundrum is so real tho....

    1. Right?! These masks are perfect for wearing with the hairnet. The gaiters don't work for me as they don't stay up.

  3. It all looks super comfy and stylish! I have to say though, those breeches are cute! Are they corduroy? Off to google them and likely put them on a wish list. lol

    1. They are corduroy! These are older, so might be hard to find, but I think Dover still has some of their corduroy breeches.