Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Truthful Tuesday


Today's confession has absolutely nothing to do with horses, but it's been in effect for so long now, I feel I have to admit to it...

Several weeks ago my power went out for a bit and so I had to reset my alarm clock. Relevant to the rest of this confession: I use two alarm clocks. One traditional type and one old cell phone on which I set four alarms. What can I say? I'm a chronic snooze hitter. I need back ups. 

ANYWAY, I had to reset my clock. And I was clearly half asleep when I did it because I set the clock for AM but it was PM at the time. Which means my alarm doesn't go off. Which is fine given the old cell phone alarm I also use. But the thing is... I KNOW it's set wrong. And I haven't changed it. Not only that, I continue to set it each night, knowing full well it will not go off in the morning. All I'm left with in this situation is one question: Why am I like this?!
(That's rhetorical. No need to actually answer that.)

Any of you do this?


  1. lol... no, i do not do that. tho... i *do* still turn on and off the switches to light fixtures with burnt out bulbs... and no, it'll probably be a while before i replace said bulbs so... yea haha. still relatable!

  2. So, I'm a weirdo. I get up right away on the first alarm. Or even worse, I'm usually awake, waiting for the alarm. I envy people that can actually sleep in the mornings!

  3. I just use my cell phone but I set three alarms (because when I choose snooze my phone likes to go off silently after that for funsies) and sometimes I wake up enough to open my phone and set a fourth if I still want to sleep longer after the first three. Also instead of just having my alarms automatically be on every day I go in every night to turn them on. We are mysterious creatures.

    1. Oh yeah, I have to reset them every night. I don't trust them to go off on their own I guess?

  4. I set like 5 alarms lol, I pretty much hit snooze in my sleep. I should probably put the phone out of reach-I could set my alarm for 15 minutes later if I didn’t have to account for all the snoozes 🤔 but....