Thursday, December 31, 2020

Thursday's Threads


Happy New Year all! I stopped doing recaps when 2019 was such a disaster for me personally. I've decided to continue with that tradition this year, because... well. 2020. But I'll still do my regularly scheduled post! Kinda... Truth be told, I totally forgot it was Thursday so this one is a little weak. Anyway, here's what I rode in today:

Nothing all the exciting. Except for the light up New Year's necklace I found when I was cleaning out the laundry room earlier... I really know how to ring in a new year!

Helmet and boots not pictured were the One K Mips with the blue accents and my trusty Tredstep winter boots.

Sweatshirt: Skidmore College Book Store
I picked this one up at my last reunion, and it's probably my softest most comfy sweatshirt that I own. I hope it doesn't wear out before my next reunion!

Belt: Mane Jane

I went with this light gray Mane Jane strap to match the hoodie. And the gold buckle because it was the most readily available.

Breeches: Tailored Sportsman
Nothing remarkable here. Just some blue TS breeches.

Socks: Dreamers and Schemers
I feel like badass socks are a good way to wrap up 2020. 

And well... that's it. Sorry to be a little lame today. It's a weird end to a weird year. Hope you all stay safe tonight and I look forward to a calm 2021 and hopefully a vaccine for all!


  1. I like the light necklace, I have one with larger christmas bulbs , like the old style. I forgot to wear it this year tho. Whoops