Wednesday, December 16, 2020

What's Up Wednesday


This week was somewhat quiet. I did my usual Eros flat lesson last night and he was perfect as always. He makes me laugh though that horse. When he gets tired he turns into such a bull! Full on freight train! But he'd never do anything actually bad. He just pulls and drags me around a little. Silly boy. 

Shiny had an easy week. Her leg stayed puffy most of the week, though she remained sound. 
Almost looks like a bow here, but it never felt like it to the touch

So I did keep her working lightly, but canceled my Saturday lesson. Saturday morning I finally saw the swelling go down by about half. Sunday it looked even better. And by last night it was nearly back to normal. I really think she must have just given herself a good whack or something. Horses. Sheesh. I'm glad it's looking better though. I'm planning to lesson her this week if all stays good.

Pammony Pony got clipped yesterday! Since he's on full care, I felt pretty badly that I'd get him all sweaty and then they'd have to deal with it. He was pretty furry and was starting to look like one of those curly horses... I left it up to the staff if they wanted him clipped or not, and I guess they decided they did. Fine by me! 
He's always pumpkin color... now he matches the inside of a pumpkin

I finally allowed him to have a free lunge in the indoor this morning too. I know that boy needed to have a little gallop and figured with a fresh clip that would benefit both of us for our first post clip ride. Especially since it was only 20 degrees this morning. He felt great today, and I think getting to stretch himself out was really good for him. Bonus that he didn't manage to injure himself in the process. (I was really a little worried about allowing it..., but glad I did.)

In other news, we had warmish weather this weekend. Saturday was in the low 50's but it rained all day. Which I'll take over snow any day! I used the day productively, riding all the horses and then cleaning all their tack that's at the boarding barn. Which really is just one saddle and one bridle each, but it sure seemed like a lot! Probably because it's been quite awhile since I've cleaned it all... Slacker. The remainder of Saturday (seriously, into the night) was spent wrapping gifts. 

Sunday was supposed to be a beautiful day near 60 degrees. My family and I had been planning to do a zoom Chanukah, but since the forecast looked amazing we decided instead to do a driveway in person gift exchange instead. I'm so grateful for that! It was really wonderful to see everyone in person. Even if we were at least 6 feet away. I'll take it.
Chanukah, Pandemic style
I got my nieces Dr. Fauci dolls. Because 2020.

In true 2020 New England style, we are expecting an actual blizzard starting tonight and through tomorrow afternoon. None of the weatherman can agree on snow totals, but apparently it's somewhere between 8 and 24 inches of snow. Ugh! I hate it. I put Pammon down for a training ride tomorrow so I can limit my driving in the bad weather to once per day (tonight and then just tomorrow night). I have a habit of uninstalling his go button, so the training ride will be beneficial for him I'm sure.

That's about it from here! How was your week? Do anything fun with your horses? Or without them?
I'm going to leave you with these hilarious photos of the lesson horses dressed up for the last IEA practice of the year because, well... they deserve to be seen.


  1. I laughed out loud at the snow forecast being between 8 and 24 inches, lol. That sounds SO familiar. I hope for your sake it's on the lighter end! :) glad you had some good rides on the horses and got to exchange gifts outside, that sounds lovely!

    1. Right?! I was like um... those are not really related numbers. It was around 10 inches I think, so not terrible, but I would have preferred 0!

  2. Glad you were able to see you family!

  3. i'm glad shiny's leg went down..... i hate mysterious puffy leg syndrome ugh. charlie has like this giant edema that's slowly draining down his neck and it's like, ugh, why horses.. why??

    1. Oh the plot thickens... Much like the leg. More tomorrow. Horses. Sheesh. Hope Charlie's edema goes away asap!