Thursday, September 5, 2019

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day!!! I went and rode sat on Eros last night since we were having some pretty serious downpours at my house. I figured it wouldn't hurt to see how he was feeling, and I'd get a little saddle time in as well. He felt about the same as the weekend, so hopefully the vet can get him patched up tomorrow. We shall see! Anyway, let's start with my riding outfit:
I'm not sure what was happening with my face yesterday... I took a few photos. They all looked like that.

Helmet: Charles Owen AYR8
Eros was so grumpy last night, I had to take my helmet photo with his angry face.

Shirt: Kastel
I think a lot of us wound up owning this shirt or the one with the purple collar. It was a great deal they had on them!

Belt: Boy O Boy Bridleworks
I love my custom Boy O Boy belt! It's hard to see, but my logo is embroidered on it.

Breeches: Tailored Sportsman
I really wish it weren't so, but TS breeches are the most comfortable for me. Sad truth my friends.

Socks: Dreamers and Schemers
You guys see the theme yet? Over at Dreamers and Schemers, when you make custom socks there is a quantity discount. And it applies even if you make different designs! These are the second design that I did. They're super fun. And I love having my logo on everything.

Boots: Fama-4-All
I love these boots. They aren't the most comfortable for walking around, but they are really comfy to ride in. And they have my logo on them. So that's awesome.

So that's what I wore to ride, but I also have a fall feeling work outfit to share.

I'm not sure why I associate bandana print with fall, but I do. Maybe it's just the bold color?

Sweatshirt: Ralph Lauren
Tee shirt: Back On Track
I could pretty happily live in BOT tee shirts all day everyday. They had the white ones on sale on the BOT website this weekend for $15. I grabbed a few. I also snagged this sweatshirt this weekend at the outlet. It was originally some stupid price over $100 but I got it for peanuts. Yay for sales!

Belt: Lucky Brand
I love this belt. It's the softest leather, and I like that I can wear it with both this red bandana print OR my blue ones!

Jeans: Judy Blue
Love these distressed jeans with the bandana backing! I hate ripped jeans for work, but I feel like you add a little bit of class if the holes have fabric behind them...

Shoes: Ariat Cruisers
Yeah... shut up. I got them in red and blue. They were on sale! Cruisers are SUPER comfy. If you don't have a pair yet, consider it! But get them on Ebay where they're a lot less expensive.

Arm Party:
So awhile back I hunted down a bunch of these Hermes bracelets on Ebay and Poshmark. I wound up with two silver clasps and two gold toned ones. What's fun about having two is I can link the bands together to make wrap bracelets, which is what I did here. Red and white to match the bandana print.

I liked it so much I did it twice... Ha. I paired this black wrap bracelet with the full cheek snaffle and my fitbit.

So that's it for today! Thoughts on bandana print? Does it feel like an autumn print to you? What about logos? Logo everything, or do I need to calm down?


  1. wait they have back on track tshirts???

    1. Yes! These cotton v-neck ones are on closeout, so if you're wanting one, do it now before they're gone!

  2. love Eros' grumpy I say go custom logo crazy on anything and everything you can! I still need to get around to designing a logo for myself.

    Love me some ariat cruisers too - off to check ebay and see if they will ship to the great north!