Wednesday, September 25, 2019

What's up Wednesday

This week was a little more social centric than horse centric, which isn't necessarily my favorite... But it was all fun things. Just not enough riding in my life! And/or hours... it might be a time crunch issue. Either way, it was still a fun week! Let's look back...
Pammon has been a good boy with his hand walks. We're going to start tack walks on the weekends and continue with hand walks during the week. We've had the ok for tack walking all along, but I prefer not to do that in the dark since we are aided by some ace tabs... I want to make sure he can see where he's putting his feet with me up there! But he's been a pretty good boy. I got him some toys for his stall to try and keep him entertained.
Rope giraffe!

I also got him an enormous dog rope that's loose in the stall, but last night he peed and pooed it to the point of no return, so I think that's getting tossed and not replaced. All of the kids got the boredom buster from Likit. I really thought it would provide days of entertainment for everyone. I was wrong. It holds two small likits and one big one, but they all had them mostly devoured after a single day. Pammon managed to break his too. Rio still has the small lickits left in his since he's not real clear on how to actually lick them... (He's so special that one.) So long story not very short, he just has the giraffe now. It's pretty dirty so I think he does enjoy it.

Shiny girl hasn't decided how much she likes being the sole riding horse in the barn. She thinks it might be way more work than she signed up for.

So in an effort to get out of all that work, yesterday she had The Slobbers. She was turned out in the back paddock yesterday and must have found some moldy clover back there. So gross. Definitely do not recommend letting your horse have the slobbers.

Seriously, there was just drool everywhere. I thought she had peed in the doorway it was that wet. I texted the vet, but he wasn't too worried. She seems better today, thankfully. I gave her the night off last night but hopefully we can ride tonight.

Rio seems to be much more comfortable barefoot, so that's pretty exciting. Also cheaper!

I still didn't get to have a lesson on Eros. I was thinking of doing one Saturday as Sunday I had to ride at dark thirty, but I totally forgot to sign up. So alas, we had two flat days. But he is feeling GREAT! Between the injections and the body work, he's like a brand new horse! And we're treating for ulcers too. I'm hopeful that will make him a little more willing to come forward on the flat... but not too much over fences! Time will tell I suppose.

Eros isn't super excited about 5 am rides.
In other non-horsey news, I got to do stuff outside of work and the barn this weekend! All kinds of stuff!
One of the boarders at Eros' barn is an author, and she hosted a really fun book launch party at a local gallery for her newest book "Drive". I've known her practically forever. She was a big kid when I was a little kid at the barn I learned to ride at. So yeah, we go waaaayyyy back. It was a really fun party, at which I took zero pictures because I'm a terrible blogger. But some of us did get a group selfie at the bar afterwards... Author not included. #fail
Anyway, that was super fun, but I got home way too late because I was headed back to Yankee Stadium on Sunday. I wanted to get my ride in on Eros since I don't get to see him everyday. So it was another EARLY morning. I was up at 4:30 to get done in time. Worth it though. I love that horse!
The game was great! Home run after home run for the home team and a win!

Plus I got nachos in a helmet.
And that's about it from here! How was your past week/weekend? Do anything fun? All horses or some social stuff too? Tell me all about it in the comments!


  1. I need those nachos in a helmet...Mmmmmm nachos.

  2. May LOVES the clover in her paddock... whenever it comes into season and is around for a couple of days until it gets mowed, she ALWAYS gets the slobbers... and she loves to slobber ON ME. I swear. She aims.

  3. When my girls got the slobbers, my vet told me i could rinse their mouths out with something, but I can't remember exactly what it was. Some kind of salt water, maybe? It helped a lot!

    1. Oh I'll have to google that in case it happens again!

  4. Aww poor Shiny girl is the sole riding horse and a slobbery one at that. Glad that Eros is feeling a lot better!

  5. Maestro has constant slobbers for months on end in the summer. He always holds it in his mouth then lets it go like a waterfall. Super gross. The crazy thing about slobbers is they go away as fast as they come on - it's always gone by morning then back by afternoon when he comes in from outside. I'd complain but he's in the best pasture at the boarding barn for grass so if he chooses moldy clover that's his problem.
    I'm hoping we are done with slobbers for the season, he hasn't had them for a couple weeks now (knock on wood). With people coming to try him and all he doesn't need to slobber all over a potential new mom!

    1. Shiny was doing that too. It was disgusting! I didn't realize it was so common! I've heard of it, but never experienced it before.