Wednesday, September 11, 2019

What's Up Wednesday: The one with media!

Good news friends! I think I've figured out the Soloshot. And while it took SEVERAL HOURS I think I figured out how to bypass downloading to my computer to get to the cloud. Sadly the card reader for my phone/ipad was unsuccessful. It recognizes that there are files on the card, but won't let me upload. Whatever though, things are working! Unfortunately, my lesson I recorded with my phone because trainer was in a hurry, so only Shiny has the good footage. Still though, MEDIA! Of both ponies! Woohoo! But you'll have to wait for that. First some rambling...

When we last left off, Eros was a bit off, and I was waiting for the vet to come out. I thought it was his front ankle again. My vet came on Friday, and good news was it wasn't up front! He was just in need of a little maintenance for the hind end, so we took care of that. He got the weekend off (we hand walked and hand grazed instead of riding) and is back to work this week. It's supposed to rain here tomorrow, so I'll probably go see him after work and see how he's feeling.
Originally, my last lesson of the season with trainer was also scheduled for Friday, but I switched it to Saturday so I could meet the vet with Eros. Plus it poured buckets.
Pammon had a little fill right front, but it was non-reactive and he looked perfectly sound, so we decided to go ahead with the lesson, but keep the fences small and the courses easy. Trainer had me do one crazy bending line to boost my confidence, but otherwise it was mostly straight lines and wide turns.

 Backing up to that crazy bending line though... I chickened out like seven times. And then FINALLY got it done. Seriously, I don't know how trainer nor Pammon put up with me some days... Here we are, getting it done:
It doesn't look nearly as hairy as it seemed. I guess that's nice, right? We made it look easy? Lol. It was not.
Pammon felt we should be jumping higher...
 We finished over a very short course where I managed to keep my leg on and not pull too much. Amazing what a difference keeping your leg makes... who knew?
After having such a great lesson on Saturday, I wanted to keep the good stuff coming and do a jump school with Shiny. It's been awhile since she's jumped. Not for any reason really, except that it's dark out during the week when I ride her now. I have lights, but they're not bright enough for jumping. You guys, Shiny was fantastic!

Clearly, she could use a bigger jump. And now that we had a great school, I'm feeling brave enough to maybe put some fences up the next time. She was jumping around 2'3" courses before I got her, but we just haven't had a chance to really do that yet. She's super brave to the jumps though, and this ride she was even adjustable. In the past I wasn't able to collect her when the distance was getting tight, so it was always a chip or a flier in those cases. But yesterday she let me shorten or move up as needed. MAYBE it was because I kept my leg on? But probably it's just because she's a genius. We trotted a lot of fences, mostly because we need to work on canter transitions... Either way, it was ridiculously fun.

Rio of course got plenty of grazing time in this weekend. It was relatively nice out, though the cooler fall weather isn't my favorite. Bring back the 80's please!

He had a rough weekend. We switched him to regular shoes a few weeks ago (he had been wearing flip flops) and while his feet LOOK fantastic, the pressure was really bothering him. Fortunately, my farrier was able to stop by Saturday (just after my lesson ended, what timing!) and pulled the shoe. He wants to let it be barefoot for a few days before we decide what to do next. Rio seemed to feel better once the shoe was off. So currently he's wearing just a right front shoe. We would have pulled both, but he really didn't want to put full weight on that left front. He would have had to in order to pull the right one, and we didn't want to make him. Will touch base with farrier in a day or two and maybe just try him barefoot? Or maybe he'll get different shoes or pads or something. Not sure yet, but I'm confident we'll find what's most comfortable for him.

Sunday I finally found time to get the puggers out for a stroll! We don't go much in the summertime because the asphalt is way too hot for their little feetsies. But it was a lovely evening. We even stopped to visit with a couple of our horsey neighbors. It's so nice living where I do. It's like every third house has horses.

I've been watching Pammon's leg like a hawk since the weekend. And unfortunately, it keeps filling. I'm not liking it at all.
although honestly, it looks a lot worse in this picture than it does in real life.
So we've been icing and wrapping, but still flatting lightly. I don't think he's the type to do well totally out of work. If he ends up needing that, we will certainly need some chemical assistance.
Pammon is appalled I would suggest such a thing.
I have our regular vet coming out for shots and things on Friday, but I have my lameness vet scheduled for Monday. So we will continue with our light flats until then. You guys, please cross your fingers that this isn't bad. I'm not sure my little brain can handle having to start over again, and Perfect Pammonypony doesn't deserve to be stuck on vacation with a sore leg.
This guy though with the snuggles...
That's about it from here. I have a bunch of photos that didn't really fit into my text so enjoy them below!

This sunset was incredible. Real life was even better.

Looks quite sound here...

My pony is cuter than yours.

Pats for a good girly
How was your past week? Do any showing or lessons? Tell me about it in the comments!


  1. Fingers crossed for Pammon :/ it sucks to have a horse out of commission.

    1. Thank you! Yeah it really does. Especially when you're just finding the groove again!

  2. Sending good thought for Pammon!

    I rode my friend's horse this weekend and it was interesting. I have talked to you at length about my issues with Dexter. Well, before he sold, I was having major issues getting the left lead. We thought it was Dexter and that it would improve after the chiropractor visit. It did to some extent, but it wasn't completely resolved. Then he went to his new home. I rode my friend's mare on Saturday and had the exact same issue. Root of the issue is that I'm afraid to pick up the left lead canter due to past issues where I fell off during or slightly after the upward transition. Mare picked up the incorrect lead (just like Dexter was doing), then also crowhopped and eventually bucked, just like Dexter was doing. So somehow I'm asking them to pick up the canter, but preventing them from doing so and in turn making them very angry. So it wasn't just a Dexter issue and now I have to try and figure out how to fix it. Mental blocks are so frustrating.

    1. I've come to realize that 99% of the time the issue is mine. I'm sure with some lessons you'll work through it!

    2. I hope so. I never thought I’d be afraid to canter. I really should have said partly Dexter’s issue because it really was mostly me. Either way, I hope that one day I can pick up the left lead canter on any horse and not be scared and in turn make them angry

  3. Fingers crossed that everything is ok with Mr Pammon. I had a really good, but very challenging lesson on Sunday. Hoping for a breakthrough this weekend!

    1. Those are the best kinds of lessons! I hope this weekends goes even better!

  4. ooooh man i've been waiting for this Pammon media since you brought him home!! gosh he looks lovely to jump, you guys already look like such a team!! that fill in the leg tho, oof, i wouldn't like the look of that either. my fingers are crossed that it's nbd tho!!!

    1. Thank you! He's the most wonderful guy!
      Honestly I somehow captured the very worst angle, it doesn't look quite so horrid in real life. And it was waaaayyy smaller before the lesson or I wouldn't have jumped on it... But definitely glad the vet will be out soon.

  5. Fingers crossed Pammon is ok! The soloshot footage is great - I can't believe the quality of the media.