Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursdays Threads

In true Thursday form, it's cold and rainy again. But I'm doing my best to embrace it. Although, when the Dunkin Donuts near work had no power, and I couldn't get any coffee, it became just that much harder to do...

But that's not why you stopped by! Let's see the outfit!

I hope you all like mint green since that seems to be all I wear on Thursdays. Let's start at the top!

Brand: Say What
Purchased at: TJ Maxx or Marshalls, I forget which

I love this top. LOVE! Although I'm on the fence about the bows. I think I can remove them without damaging anything, but I don't hate them... I'm just not sure. What are your thoughts?

Brand: American Rag
Purchased at: Macy's

These are your basic not quite white colored denim pants. I love the tan stitching on them. They have some stretch but not so much that they are falling down by the end of the day. I had purchased them while in FL. My flight home had been canceled and I needed something to wear out to dinner. All my clothes were already worn! Good find, I get tons of use out of them.

Brand: Bamboo
Purchased at: Modcloth

You have no idea how much I love these. NO IDEA! I recently was reading one of those lists on Facebook... I think it was something like Shoes 90's Girls Should Be Ashamed of Owning. And these jellies were definitely on it. That said, I just bought these like a week ago. And I LOVE THEM. Also, I feel no shame. NO SHAME! Plus, what better to wear on a rainy summer day than jelly shoes? Nothing. That's what.

Arm Party!

My right arm has all brand new, never worn goodies on it! The first is a wrap bracelet I just got from Stella and Dot. A friend of mine had a party, but I wasn't able to go. I wanted to support her anyway, and was able to online! Win for everyone! Anyway, I got this wrap bracelet, and also the one next to it with the mint, gold, and pearl beads. I love them both, and they look great together! The other three are sort of Alex and Ani inspired. My mom gave them to me for my birthday, so I'm not sure who they're by or where they are from. But they are SO PRETTY! And just happen to go perfectly with my Stella and Dot jewels!

I decided to wear my gold watch today instead of my awesome mint one. Next I have a custom bracelet with my name that I got from Etsy. The horseshoe bracelet is from the cutest little shop in my town called Simon's Marketplace. It's a little gift store, but it's also a deli with all gourmet delicacies. I would eat every meal there if I could! And lastly, the thick bangle with the equestrian motif is from C.Wonder. I had never heard of that site, and saw someone liked it on Facebook. I love it! I also got a belt that I'm in love with, but I'm sure you'll see that soon!

Well that's it from here! I better run... My actual job that supports my fashion habit is piling up as I type!
Let me know what you liked and didn't like about today's outfit!

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