Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday's Threads: Semi-Horse Show Edition

So this is the semi-horse show edition of Thursday's Threads! The first of a few I imagine. I say semi because I'm not competing today, so my outfit is not what I would wear for competition. It's just what we call "schooling attire." Also my footwear will be different for actual riding, but I didn't want to wear boots all day while I was driving. Not so comfy.

Full outfit:

 Let's start at the bottom today!

Shoes: Margaritaville

I got these shoes in Vermont last year. I had been in town in nice normal person clothes and shoes, but needed to check on the horses and didn't want to go back to the hotel for other footwear. These were on clearance for $10 bucks. Perfect for trashing!

Socks: Zocks

Ok truth is, I can't remember if these are Zocks brand. But I'm pretty sure they are. Those are horse heads on them. Cute right?! The reason for the long socks, is that back in the day we used to pull our tall boots on. Wearing long socks on the outside of our breeches (pants) helped the boot slide on while also holding the pant leg down. Nowadays our boots have zippers all the way down the back so it's not so necessary, but we still do it anyway.

Breeches: Custom Riding Apparel

These are just everyday riding pants. They're cotton and stretchy and a nice dark brown that hides dirt! Those patches are for added grippiness in the saddle!

Top: Equine Couture

(Please excuse my unmade bed photobombing the photo) Basically just a rugby shirt with an awesome saddle printed on the back! This is cute enough to wear outside the barn too.

So that's it! What are you wearing today? Anyone else participating in a sporting event this weekend?

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