Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Truthful Tuesday


Hi!!!! This is Al! (AL as in Casual, the horse.) This is me in case you forgot:

Mom said I should have used one of Aunty Chelsea's fancy photos, but this one looks more like me on the regular. So yeah, it's me, AL, and I have a truth story to share today. I'm REALLY proud of it too!

Okay, so you know those things that they put on my halter when they want to brush me and put my saddle on and stuff? They're like lead ropes, but they're stuck to the wall? You know those things, right?

(Stacie here... he means crossties.) 

So yeah. Those things, they have clips on them to hook to my halter, right? They're really easy for mom to use and the other humans too. But horses? Horses can't really work them. At least MOST horses can't. But you know who IS able to work them?! That's right! ME! AL! I can take them off whenever I want. Mom thinks it's funny. Sometimes I do it, but then I hold the clip in my mouth so she doesn't realize I'm not tied up anymore. It's so funny! 

I don't yet know how to put them back on. If I can figure that out, I'll be the smartest horse EVER! Can any of your horses take off the wall ropes? 

That's my truth story for today! I'm so proud of me! I know mom hasn't been sharing as much about me lately, but I'll be home pretty soon, so expect more stories about me, AL!, soon.


  1. Bobby used to untie himself at the trailer but then continue to stand there like he was attached. He was really not a bright animal tho 🤣

  2. Thunder knows how to untie a quick-release knot, but also doesn't run off or anything. He just uses his powers to reach the treats if I've unwisely stowed them in his grooming kit!

    1. Hahaha! That's pretty endearing really... What a smart guy!