Thursday, May 25, 2023

Thursday's Threads


Outfit Day! My favorite day! We went with pastels today, though I must admit that I later kind of ruined these breeches when I was pouring shock in the pool and it splashed back at me... Now they're kind of tie dye... Oops. This is why I shouldn't have nice things. Good thing I got the breeches second hand! 

Anyway... Shiny modeled for us today and she's wearing an outfit that I haven't shared with all of you yet, though we've had it awhile. I'm not sure why I never used this stuff for Thursday's threads last year. But better late than never! Here's what she had on:

She looks so cute in minty green! (An aside: Her legs and butt are SUPER dark this year, I think she's trying to be a chocolate palomino, I swear it's not dirt! Before owning a Palomino I had no idea how much they change color.)

Bridle: Joseph Sterling
Browband: Dark Jewel Designs
Her butt might be super dark, but her eyes very light. Pretty lady!

Saddle: Custom Saddlery
Saddle Pad: Eskadron

These evo-wool pads are really quite nice. The "wool" is synthetic, so not AS nice as like a Mattes pad, but it's very plushy and Shiny seems just as happy with this as she does with the fancy ones. It also has some silicone grip under the saddle area which is nice for added security. Especially when you ride a wine barrel with legs. The color of this pad is a minty green, but it tends to photography more gray. Same with the boots below.

Boots: Eskadron
You already know that I really love the Eskadron boots because they're one of the few brands that actually fit Shiny. These are "glitter mesh" so the part that's not the strike pad is meshy with sparkles. They're nice for summer too because the evo-wool is just around the edges and the actual lining is mesh so they aren't too hot. 

That's what Shiny was wearing, and here's what I had on:

All the pastels! 

Helmet: One K
I'm not sure if I've told you guys, but I had to retire my pastel helmet as it reached its expiration date. So instead, I went with the green and gold One K. The green isn't a pastel, but whatever. Close enough.

Top: The Tack Hack
So this shirt is almost an identical match to the saddle pad and Shiny's boots. I also can't capture the color accurately. These shirts from The Tack Hack are meant to be just like the TKEQ ones, but in reality are literally the ones you can get on Amazon. Which to be honest, I'm also pretty certain are the same as TKEQ. I have a couple from them, and they're identical. I bought this one from The Tack Hack when they were having their moving sale as it was actually less than the Amazon version in that sale. I really love the color too.

Belt: Tory Burch
I snagged this gold TB belt at the outlet in Florida several years ago now... Like at least five? I'm not sure exactly. But it's still in great shape, and I thought it looked pretty with the pastel outfit.

Breeches: Tailored Sportsman "Mixed Berry"

Well... this is the last time you'll see them looking quite like this... Haha! Oops. Anyway. I snagged this pair from Poshmark along with the brown pair. Both are a little stretched out and nearing the end of their lifespan. Which makes the bleach incident slightly less sad. 

Boots: Celeris UK
These are the Celeris boots that came to me practically white instead of mint green. But I found some mint green polish on the interwebs and darkened then up. I love how they came out! They aren't quite the same shade as the shirt and Shiny's outfit, but matching mints is pretty tricky. So, like I've said before... CLOSE ENOUGH! Also, these boots are nowhere near broken in and I should have wet them before riding today. I need to wear them more. 

And that's it from today! Any favorites? Anything you all are waiting to see again? Or suggestions for future outfits? What do you all want to see??


  1. I love all the Eskadron stuff and the celeris boots. I wish the Eskadron stuff was a little easier to find stateside or postage wasn’t so expensive. I got 2 of the tack hack shirts when they did a bogo sale a while back. I love them, I just don’t think they’ll be best for the heat of summer.

    1. Agree. I get all the Eskadron stuff from Europe and shipping can be a lot. I usually have to get three of everything though, so at that point the shipping just gets buried in the already excessive amount of money I'm spending. (Me? Lie to myself? Whatever do you mean?!)
      Agree on the Tack Hack shirts, too heavy once it's hot, though the Amazon version also comes in short sleeves and they seem okay when it's regular hot. Probably still too heavy when it's over 90 though.

  2. What a pretty outfit. Perfect for a princess pony.

  3. Shiny's eyes are so gorgeous <3

    1. Thank you! They are such a unique color, I've never seen another horse with eyes like hers.