Thursday, October 14, 2021

Thursday's Threads


Outfit day again already! This is kind of a repeat of some of my favorites, but I do have a new addition to the outfit. Let's start with the horses so you can see the new part right away. Here's what we wore:

It's tough to see in the photos actually, but I got new reins for my unicorn bridles! I think Laura directed me to them on Etsy, and well. I have no self control. Here's a close up of them:

They mostly look purple in this photo, but they have an iridescent look to them in real life. 

Anyway, let's look at the rest of their tack this week:

Shiny- Nunn Finer
Eros- Royal Sports
Shiny- Dark Jewel Designs
Eros- Evoequine

Neither of these bridles is my favorite, but they do the job! The horses seem to like them well enough anyway. Shiny has a rainbow leather bit en route too, so next time we do a unicorn outfit, hopefully she'll have that.

Boots: Celeris UK
Love these! They have the same fit issues as the cow ones, since they're the same brand. But look how fun they are! They match my boots exactly.

Saddles and pads:
Eros- Butet, Dover baby pad with cricut bits, Ippico half pad
Shiny- Custom Saddlery, Echt-Lammfell 

Nothing new here, but I do have a craft project for a new pad for Eros for this outfit. We'll have to see if it turns out... Lol! You never know!

Okay, my turn! Here's what I wore:

It was tee shirt weather here again, which I'm not complaining about!

Helmet: Samshield
I know Samshield is on the poo list since they refuse to make a helmet with MIPS. But I still love this thing. The emblem and rails are holo! So fun!

Tee shirt: no brand
I grabbed a few of these tees in different colors from Walmart awhile back and have been decorating them with the Cricut. This one has my farm logo in holo, but the horse is a unicorn on this shirt. 

Belt: Unbranded

Snagged this magnificent belt on Ebay years ago, and I still love it! It also is holo, and leans purple or green depending how the light hits it. 

Breeches: Ovation Aqua-X

I wish they still made these because I need to size down. But I love them so much I just wear them baggy.

Boots: Celeris UK
These are also a bit too big for me, but whatever. LOOK AT THEM! I just love these boots. I think they're ridiculously fun and super comfy. They are sturdy enough not to slouch or anything even though they're loose, so they're just fine. And so shiny!

Okay, that's it for today! Any favorites?


  1. If anyone can read this and not say your boots are their favorite, I'm not sure I can be friends with them 🤣🤩🤩🤩 although the helmet and belt are a close second for me!

    1. Anyone who thinks my boots are stupid is no friend of mine! Lol! I realize they're not for everyone, but they're still FUN!

  2. That pair of boots might be my absolute favorite!

    1. I still can't decide between these and the cow ones. But they are definitely in the favorite category!

  3. ha i love it -- and love that it's still t shirt weather!

    1. Me too! I think today is our last really nice, warm day, so I'm planning to soak it all in!

  4. Okay, where do you get the rainbow leather bits???😍

    1. Ha! Well, I get the rainbow bits from either Punk Ponies or Ebay, whoever has what I need in stock. Then I send it to Sweet Billy's bits and they cut off the metal mouth and convert to leather.