Thursday, October 28, 2021

Thursday's Threads: Rock N Roll Edition


I've been working on this outfit for a little bit and I'm so excited to have it all done and ready to share. Of course, yesterday was rainy and VERY windy so I couldn't use Pivo which means, sadly, I don't have mounted photos to share. So disappointing! We will just have to wear this again sometime. But for now, enjoy the media I do have and my semi homemade outfit. Let's start with the horses.

Bridles: Joseph Sterling
Browbands: Dark Jewel Designs

Obviously for a rock and roll outfit you need spiked browbands. Duh. 

Saddle Pad: 
Eros-Lettia baby pad, with my own embellishments, Ippico half pad
Shiny- Echt-Lammfell

That photo doesn't capture Eros' pad fully so let me just provide a closeup while it was still under construction:
I know, it's fab right?! I anticipate using this a lot. We'll see how the embellishments hold up in the wash... The saddle pad ones are just plastic, I figured metal studs would be kind of heavy. Plus these came in a big strip which was much easier to apply than individual studs would have been.

Boots: DSB altered by me
It's been awhile, but I thought it was time to bust out the interchangeable boots I made last year. I LOVE how these studded straps came out! Aren't they fun?! Most of my straps for these boots are winter themed, so I expect to use them a bunch more in the coming season.

Okay, my turn! This is when things get a little ridiculous... and a little less well made... Lol. 
I told you. Ridiculous. And I love it.

Helmet: Samshield
It took me a few minutes to settle on a helmet. I wasn't sure sparkles really went with studs, but then decided they totally do in this case. 

Sweatshirt: Samefar
Lol. This is where my sewing skills showed their true colors... I added these studs to this otherwise plain black shirt. And that bottom section is absolutely as crooked as it looks in this photo. Oops. 

Belt: Unbranded
I've owned this belt for a long while, and am excited to have a fun horsey outfit to pair it with now!

Breeches: Horze
Why yes, these are fake leather breeches. Thanks for noticing! Hahaha! I told you it would get ridiculous. I bought these a long time ago when I saw them on clearance. I'm sure they were on clearance because honestly, who would buy them? Well me, it turns out. But then I never wore them, because well... Look at them. Fake leather breeches? But you know what's perfect for a rock and roll outfit? Fake leather breeches. Indeed. I added some studs to the front and back pockets to make them even more ridiculous. I kind of love them! They're surprisingly comfortable, and were really warm to ride in with the bad weather yesterday. The material is super stretchy in case you're wondering how they could possibly be comfortable to ride in.

Socks: Dreamers and Schemers
Obviously badass socks were appropriate. 

Boots: Tuffrider Wellesley with some additional decor
Amanda and I have been talking about adding spikes to boots for awhile now, but neither of us felt right doing that to actual nice boots. I mean, it might not work out ya know? But then I found these Wellesley boots on closeout on ebay for $70 and I was like... I could deface those. Spikes are Amanda's thing, so I went with studs instead. It was really easy to do the top. But it was a bit more challenging to do the laces holes. 

Worth the challenge though! I think they look fun. Also, I can no longer change the laces on these boots, so I hope they hold up!

So.... what do you think? Pretty ridiculous, yes? But also fun! So much fun. Eros and Shiny and looked totally badass with their spikes and studs.


  1. I was already laughing when I got to the breeches and then I completely lost it when I ended with the boots 🤣🤣 oh my god. I love your commitment to a theme hahaha

    1. The breeches though. They're so ridiculous! The boots I'm sure I'll wear a lot. The breeches? Hard to say.

  2. This is all fab but those breeches are fucking gold I love them!!

  3. I actually love the breeches. Everytime I see a brand with fake leather ones I'm like "I don't love these, right? No. I don't, right? No? Do I?"... I almost bought some once in France lol.

    1. I had the same thought process. And then when they were so cheap, I was like... ehhhh I ride alone. I'm doing it!