Thursday, March 5, 2020

Thursday's Threads

Happy outfit day everyone! I decided to have some fun with both outfits this week, cause when life gets stressful, you have to find ways to lighten the mood. We'll start with last night's riding outfit.
It was warm enough to not wear a jacket last night. I hope it lasts.

Helmet: One K
I totally should have brought greenie over for last night's ride. But I didn't.

Sweatshirt: Nantucket
This photo clearly comes post ride... Plenty of dirt and hair to be seen at this point. Though the lighting was weird, I took the helmet photo and this one at the same time, so it's not nearly as dirty as it appears!

Belt: Pony Locks
I took Jampy with me to the barn last night. I really love this belt. And I am getting SO EXCITED for Rio's belt to come. I ordered his from someone on Etsy, and we've been working together on a one of a kind design. I got a sneak peak the other day, and it's AMAZING. Look:

I really can't wait for the finished product.

Breeches: Horseware
I just really love corduroy breeches for the winter. I have these in two colors, and then grabbed all three that Dover did this season too. #hoarder

Boots: Celeris UK
Figured it was time to break out the cow boots again. I really love these. SO much. They're ridiculous in all the best ways.

So that's what I wore to ride last night, but today? Today I'm wearing all the unicorns. Cause I need some magic in my work life.

This photo includes 3/4 of Pia as well... I mistakenly deleted the better photo... Oops. Sorry girl for only showing your bum!

Sweater: Asos
Unicorn elbow patches will get me every time. EVERY. TIME.

Belt: Swanky Saddle
Okay, well that's only partially accurate. The buckle is from Swanky Saddle. The belt strap isn't but I have no idea who makes it. It's completely falling apart though, so I will need a new strap for this buckle at some point. Back to the buckle though. It's pretty amazing, and has an iridescent coating on it too. Swanky Saddle is having a sale too, so stop over there if you want one! I think they still have them, but maybe not with the special finish.

Jeans: Hydraulic
I just think these are super fun. I've had them for YEARS. And they still fit! Mostly.

Shoes: Irregular Choice
Obviously I have shoes that are a near perfect match to my elbow patches. Doesn't everyone?

Purse: Irregular Choice
I mean... it was on sale. So I had to get the bag to match the shoes. Right? Right. It also seems to match my air fryer nicely.

Arm Party!
It's like all my favorite crazy brands coordinated to bring my epic unicorn goodness... This bracelet is from Modcloth. And I mean, look how close it is to the sweater (and shoes):

Maybe they used the same model... Ha.

Righty has a lot going on... First is a little cuff from Kate Spade. Then my fitbit in this pretty rosegold band. Then a stretchy unicorn bracelet from Rustic Cuff, followed up last (but not least) by a bracelet from Alex and Ani.

That's it for today! Any favorites?