Thursday, March 12, 2020

Thursday's Threads

I ate a whole sleeve of Thin Mints today. I do not feel thin. Anywho... It's outfit day! My outfits are somewhat uninspired this week. But hey, at least I put clothes on! Ha! Here's what I rode in last night:

Kinda dreary, huh? I gotta do some brighter laundry one of these days...

Helmet: One K
Yes. I look tired.
Same old. I know... One of these days I'll mix it up. This was not that day.

Sweatshirt: Smart Ass and Sass
It says, "I swear because I care." This is not necessarily a true statement. I just swear a lot.

Belt: Mane Jane
Gray belt to match the sweatshirt with the gold buckle, because SOMETHING had to be a little shiny!

Breeches: Tredstep
I've had these forever, so you've seen them a bunch. They're great breeches. Super comfy. Unassuming.

Boots: De Niro
Navy still going strong! And the zippers came for the black ones. So eventually I'll get those replaced. Assuming this virus calms down one day. I'm not venturing into any cities unnecessarily till then!

So that's what I wore to ride in last night, and here's my work outfit today:

Not too exciting, but still pony themed!

Sweater: French Connection
I actually picked this one up second hand on Pohsmark awhile back. I think it's adorable.

Belt: C4
Figured the braid belt was cute with the pony sweater. Plus the black and white theme seemed to work.

Jeans: Vintage America Blues
I might have worn these pretty recently... maybe even last week? I can't remember. But they're a neat color, kind of a slate gray.

Shoes: Tretorn
I'm not sure why, but I totally love these old man looking shoes. I mean... they have VELCRO. They're awesome. You'll have to trust me.

Arm Party!
Lefty is donning my new favorite bracelet from Loriece along with my apple watch.

Righty is wearing my gold and black Hermes saddle nail bracelet, the full cheek bracelet in black, and my fitbit.

And that's it from outfit day! Do you have any favorites from today? I swear, I'm trying to catch up on everyone's blogs. So when you see random comments from me on posts that are like two weeks old... sorry. I'm trying! Hope you're all doing well and avoiding the Covid!


  1. haha that sweater you rode riding is cute, I swear a lot too

  2. I love the French connection sweater and how refined that Loriece bit bracelet is. Does the bracelet have a buckle on the other side? I was looking for it on the website. Is that where you bought it from? Any deals out there for one?

    1. It does have a buckle, and it's a horse shoe! Really pretty. No deals, I splurged on this one. It's sterling and I think she makes them by hand herself.

  3. Love the hoodie. I, too, swear a lot. ;-)