Thursday, March 26, 2020

Thursday's Threads and stuff

Life is weird now guys. I'm still super behind on blogs. Even my own apparently. My hands are legit bleeding from so much washing... But I'm still pretty okay with hanging out alone with the pups all day every day. That part is nice. Artie even came upstairs today to work with me for the first half of the day. Then he realized it's boring and went back down stairs to snuggle with P. Can't say I blame him.
I'm still allowed to see my horses for now. I'm not sure when my hay is coming so I can't really bring them home unless I source elsewhere. But they're in good hands, so should full lock down happen, I know they'll be okay. I have debated about riding and decided to proceed with caution. I won't start jumping Shiny until things calm down at the hospitals (so like... next year...) and I'm going to continue just hand walking Pammon for now as well. I was supposed to start tack walking him, but I think better safe right now. A little longer rehab certainly won't hurt him. And as for Eros, I'll just see where we end up. He has two more weeks of hand walking, then his third shockwave. Then I think two more weeks before we reevaluate. Hopefully by then we'll have a better handle on this pandemic.
And that's basically life right now. Work is still nuts, but we're running low on product. That's worrisome. But you can only worry about so many things at once, ya know? I had to curb my news watching to calm the anxiety. Which I never really had before, but it's moved itself right in. Me and everyone else I'm sure. Anyway... I have a riding outfit to share!
I mean, it was also my work outfit, cause why dirty more clothes? I think it goes without saying that I'm not bringing anything additional over to the barn so I wore the one K and my navy boots.

Jacket: Old Navy
Sweatshirt: TK Equestrian
I've been wearing everything just once, including my jacket. Once I get home, I wash my hands, strip off my clothes, throwing them right in the already open washer, wash hands again, and climb into fresh jammies. Which sometimes I wear for the first half of my work day too... Anyway, the point of that rambling is, I've been wearing every jacket I own while I wait for the washer to fill up. I like the Old Navy jackets for the barn. They wash and dry, and are inexpensive so you don't worry about trashing them.

Belt: Mane Jane
My outfit was very monochromatic, and I kept the theme with this gray strap and the gunmetal buckle.

Breeches: Dover
I'm still loving my dover breeches. I hope they have some fun colors for spring... Something to look forward to, right?

Socks: Dreamers and Schemers
I love horse butts. Not in a weird way, I promise! When I was in high school I needlepointed a belt that was all horse butts. Then I stupidly loaned it to one of the little kids who forgot her belt at the horse show. And then I never saw it again. Which is pretty sad, but also, no chance it would fit me now anyway. So I bought these socks to reminisce.

And that's it from here for this week. I'm catching up on all of your posts slowly but surely! Hope everyone is staying healthy and sane through all of this.


  1. I also have self-isolated from the news. Can't wont not able to watch. My anxiety reaches a high and then I start trembling. I can read it online but not hear it and watch it. Yes i am odd. Yes i have issues. :) I walk behind mark bleaching everything including door knobs, toilets, lamps in bedroom (I made him move into our spare room too since he still has to go to work, yes i am mean that way).....glad your horses are okay. I am going to go see Remus today and see whats up there (We are allowed to come as long as they have your schedule...) I could totaly bring him home but only have a few bales of hay but have 7 acres of grass. We shall see. stay safe and sane!!! Ha i love horse butts too cute socks!

    1. It's all so scary! I really can't wait to get past all of this.

  2. Yeah at some point there is no reason to watch the news. I was diligent as areas of California started having more progressive restrictions but once the state all fell in line together it was like ok, that's all for now I guess.

    Hang in there! Get some lotion for your hands!

  3. It’s a weird place to be for sure. I have never been so grateful to have my horses here.

  4. on one hand i definitely recognize that i need to cut down on my news consumption haha bc.... yea. anxiety. on the other hand tho i just can't stop myself. glad things are going ok in your neck of the woods for now. hopefully it stays that way!

    1. I try to watch the governor's daily press conference and keep it at that.