Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Truthful Tuesday

Let's see... what to confess today? I still haven't rolled those wraps I keep talking about. I have been making myself do something productive in the house every day though. Over the weekend I did many loads of laundry. The mountain is down to a hill, so that's something at least. I've nearly achieved shoe organization, which has been needed for along time. I have some storage supplies coming from Amazon this week so maybe next weekend I can finish that project. Last night I cleaned and organized the under the sink cabinet in the bathroom. Just the one. But it's a start.
So I guess today's confession is that I still have a TON of things to do around the house. You don't realize how much crap and clutter you accumulate until you get around to organizing and clearing it out. Thankfully, I still have a full time job, so I don't have hours and hours of free time to dedicate. But it is nice to have some free time to accomplish these projects. Just trying to make the most of my time stuck at home. Might as well love my space if I'm going to be here so much, right?
I've also found the furniture I want for my craft room. I have a spare bedroom that I never furnished. It's a weird shape, and really wouldn't make a great bedroom as it's long but very narrow. I have my room, plus two others, so I don't certainly don't need that one to house people. Anyway, everything I want is on Amazon, so next month I'll order. (This month I had to get the home office set up. Only so much $ per month ya know?)
What about you all? Have you been using your time at home productively? Learn something new? Do some crafts?


  1. A little bit everyday always helps!

  2. Still haven't rolled my wraps either.

  3. I literally have no time. Work is insane and not getting better. the only good thing is that my commute is really short and I don't have to worry about the dress code.

    1. Yeah, same. Most of my new free time is the lack of commute. And now not having horses I guess.

  4. It is nice to get stuff done around the house, at whatever speed works! I've been working from home, but just haven't got much done. I'm almost done my taxes and a bunch of other paperwork, but the govt. just extended the filing deadline so my motivation is waning...lol