Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Truthful Tuesday

Today's confession is that I have a giant laundry bag full of clean, tangled up wraps sitting in my living room. And they've been there since I moved the horses in November. Not only that, they've been there so long I have stopped even noticing them! I have navy wraps at the boarding barn to use, so these are all my green ones. I haven't needed them, so I just totally forgot about them.
My office has finally given us permission to work from home starting this afternoon (we're waiting for adapters to arrive for our phones, should be here in an hour or so). So maybe I'll drag that bag upstairs to the (new) home office and work on it in between phone calls and orders and what not.
Do you guys have anything like that you've been putting off and/or just completely forgot about?


  1. Laundry. Always laundry. And I don't care. I'm working from home wearing leggings and a sweatshirt and I haven't brushed my hair and don't care. Right now, half of us are working from home and the other half are home not working (job functions don't allow it). So, I'm not stressing if I'm working a little less hard here and there. But I had dreams about the damn chat beep all night. Group chat as well as patron chats are starting to drive me insane and it's only 10:30 on day 2. Zoom town hall in 30 minutes which maybe more exciting than other job functions.

    1. I did SO much laundry this weekend! I still have a mountain to get through, but definitely made a dent. And easier to keep up since I'm not having to change so many times a day.

  2. Haha I might reorganize my music collection if I have nothing to do lol

  3. I have a never ending mountain of laundry, so I need to get that put away. Aside from that, same old same old on the home front.

  4. I need to clean out my closet of clothes and shoes that I do not wear any more.

  5. I have a bunch of tack to clean. And laundry. And a fridge to clean.

  6. Working from home since last week which is this introverts dream. Laundry is going and I have a set of standing wraps draped over the laundry room door just waiting to be rolled up. Maybe later. LOL