Thursday, July 11, 2019

Thursday's Threads

Outfit DAY! AND I have new boots to share! You may have already seen them on my insta story though... I'll start with that outfit since I'm sure you're all as excited as I am.

 TEAL! And gray. Classy combo, since one tones down (or up) the other.

Helmet: One K Defender Glamour
I bought this helmet right after I ordered the boots because I knew they'd look great together. It's a bit much for wearing in public... but at home it's totally acceptable.

Shirt: TK EQ
This is probably one of my top ten favorite tees. So true!

Belt: Rebecca Ray
Do you believe I already owned a belt that matches my boots perfectly?! Ok, yeah. I believe it too.

Breeches: Ovation Aqua X
You know when you go to the Riding Warehouse site to get supplements for your horse and then you find yourself perusing the sale section to get to $50 for $5 two day shipping? And then the next thing you know you've spent like $400 and no longer qualify for $5 two day shipping? Yeah. That's how these happened. Along with new stirrups and white mattes half pad for when Pammon finally shows.  Oops. But at least I remembered Rio's supplements too!

Boots: Celeris UK
This really isn't the best photo. In direct sunlight these are a funny gray, but they're actually gorgeous in person. So what happened was, April was a dark time for me with losing Jampy and all. So when Celeris offered a handful of 20% discounts first come first serve for Easter, I did what any irresponsible, depressed equestrian would do. I ordered boots!  And they just arrived this week. This is probably the last pair for a long while now that I have horses and hope to start showing again. I really can't say enough good things about this brand though. Yes, the lead time is awhile, but the boots fit like a glove right out of the box. Communication is great. And the quality is top notch. I've worn these just one day so far, but about half way through the second horse they were already pretty comfortable. I just found I have a matte gray pair of spurs that will look even better with these boots. Never know what you'll discover in my tack room!

So that's my riding outfit this week, but I have a cute work outfit too.

Cacti today! I didn't realize I had amassed something like 4 pairs of cactus shoes... It was tough to pick which to wear today!

Top: Modcloth
So maybe I should have ironed it... Whatever I sit at a desk all day. Either way, how cute is this top!?

Belt: C4
I believe this C4 belt was a collab with Smartpak. I have matching boot socks too!

Jeans: True Religion
I really love frayed bottom jeans for summer. They just look adorable without socks.

Shoes: Soludos
I was really waffling between these and a super cute pair of Kate Spade sandals. But the A/C is so cold in my office I decided to keep my toes warm. These matched the top a bit better too.

Arm Party!
I know it's a little uninspired... I must confess that I couldn't find some of the bracelets I had planned to wear today. SOMEONE didn't put them back where they belong last time. (It's me. I'm someone.)

At least righty kept with the them! The string bracelet came from Zulily, and the bangle was from Ebay. And of course my Fitbit is on too!

So that's it for today. Any favorites? What do you think of the new boots?! What's your favorite boot brand?


  1. AHHH I came here for the boots and you did not disappoint!!!!Legit sad this may be the last pair for awhile, but also excited about the possibility of show updates in the future!

  2. I need #chipshappen tattooed on my forehead lol

    1. Yeah, I think there should be bracelets. Maybe I should get on that...

  3. Love the boots agree with Kelly tho - kinda sad this might be the last pair for a while!

    I love tshirts with funny sayings - I'd live in them if I could. Darn

    1. I could start a go fund me... haha!!! (KIDDING!)

      same on the tee's!

  4. I'm pretty sure you need to come shop for me. Except you may need to borrow someone else's credit card... lol

    1. That would be so fun! If only we all had an anonymous donor to pay for our outfits!

  5. Little known fact: #chipshappen is actually my middle name.