Friday, July 5, 2019

Thursday's Threads

I took the fourth off from blogging, so Thursday's Threads is a day late, but it's totally on theme for 4th of July so it's worth the wait hopefully! I spent most of the day riding, so we'll start with my riding outfit. Unfortunately, I totally forgot to snap photos, so you get a flat Stacie today.
'Merica outfit! Today's a little weak on brands too as neither top I wore yesterday had a brand tag in in...

Helmet: One K
I thought about wearing my sparkly navy Charles Owen helmet, but it was super hot and the One K is a lot cooler. So I went that route instead.

Top: Umm... I can't remember who made this
How cute is this little patriotic pony?! I wish I could remember where I got it... Sorry friends.

Belt: Mane Jane
Navy obviously!

Breeches: Horseware
I bought these awhile back, thinking they were more of a berry color, but they are in fact BRIGHT RED. Which isn't really my color. But they're totally useful for Fourth of July!

Boots: DeNiro
Recycled photo, but I wore these boots. Also perfect for Fourth of July. So that's what I wore yesterday to ride, but I also have a very casual non riding outfit to share.

I spent the evening with my family at my dad's house enjoying some yummy food and watching fireworks. Super casual evening.

Top: I don't know who made this either...
It's a little tough to find a shirt that matches these pants... But I did the best I could. Just a comfy tee with some crochet type design at the top.

Belt: Mane Jane
I just went with black on black since you couldn't see it anyway.

Pants: Hudson
Fireworks Pants!!! There's never a better day to wear these then Fourth of July.

Shoes: Reefs
Flip flop season is here my friends. Reefs are my favorite. The ones with the wide straps like these.

Arm Party!
Recycled photo, but I wore the old standbys. Hermes Bit and Apple watch!

Also a recycled photo. I just had my fitbit on righty. This one is from Tory Burch by way of Poshmark.

And that's it! How was your fourth? Did you dress in festive attire? Any favorites?


  1. Festive and fun! That patriotic horse tank is really cute!

    1. Thanks! It would have been cuter if I'd remembered sunscreen! Haha!

    2. uh-oh! Sunburned shoulders?

    3. Very! But they've tanned up now. Thankfully!

  2. I love those firework pants!

  3. ugh i still wish horseware breeches fit me better!!! so cute... sigh

    1. They're not the best fit for me either, but they don't rub at least!