Saturday, March 29, 2014

Old habits die hard....

Well my friends... Let's just say you can't quit stuff cold turkey. That goes for shopping too. I did at least limit myself this time!
I had gotten a $10 coupon code to use at BaubleBar and didn't want to waste it! I also had some points to use, and figured I could get something pretty cute for around $20.00 (BaubleBar always ship free too). I was right! I picked this adorable initial necklace. There were twenty or so colors to choose from and obviously you could get any letter. I chose this mint color:

I also had a free item code to use on Little Black Bag AND they had a great promo going on (open with jewelry and get two free items in addition to normal stylist picks!), so I caved and opened a bag. I did pretty well though, and only spent $39.00 including shipping. My box arrived today, so I figured I'd show you all my goodies!

I opened with this blue bracelet from Geranium:

It's matches so nicely with my watch! I held on to this one the whole trading week, but it had some really nice offers on it. It actually is a little large, but I was able to hook it closed a bit tighter:

I did all kinds of trading with the other items in my bag when I opened and everything else is the result of all that... Here we go!

This Shar K bracelet I was really excited about. I had opened with it once before but traded it away. I have had trader's remorse ever since! Unfortunately, it is a little too big for me, and the studs stick up a little too high for my liking. I am going to return it for an exchange credit:

I am HUGE fan of the Nakamol bracelets I've gotten in the past, and this purple one is no exception! It's adorable! They are adjustable and fits perfectly on the tightest notch. (My photos are a little dark today, but this bracelet is so pretty in person!)

I went back and forth, and back... and forth again on whether I loved this Catherine Stein Designs bracelet. I finally decided I really did like it, and I'm so glad! It's sparkly and gorgeous, and pretty sturdy feeling too!

This elephant necklace from All The Rage was sold out and pretty tough to trade for. But one showed back up in the gallery and I added it to bag right away. I was totally wishing it wasn't silver though. To my surprise, it's NOT silver! It's an antique gold color. So excited! The chain is really long, which I don't really like, but I doubled it up and it's a cuter length:

I wasn't planning to ship this All The Rage arrow bracelet, but I'm super happy it didn't really have an offers. It's adorable! The beads give off a pretty shine, and it has a little heart charm I didn't know was there! I love how dainty it looks.

I had gotten this polish in a multi trade for something and am looking forward to trying it out! I have a couple other magnetic polishes, but truth be told, I haven't used them yet. I love this green though, so it might actually happen this time!

I had two jewelry items left in my bag that I definitely wasn't shipping so I just started offering them out on things I liked. I wasn't really sure my offers would be accepted as the items weren't of high value , but I wound up with a pair of Not Rated boots! WIN! I was a little nervous when I opened the box since one of the boots was all scrunched up in there, but once I took it out, it was fine. They're pretty cute! I'm not sure I LOVE them, but essentially they were free for me. And shoes are expensive to ship back. I wore them around the house for awhile, and they're super comfy, so I bet they'll get a lot of use next winter!

So there you have it... my shopping indiscretions. What can I say? I guess I'm an addict.  What do you think? Any items you love?


  1. love the s necklace and the blue bracelet! And the boots arent bad!

    1. Thanks! The longer I wore them the more I liked them. And probably cuter with jeans than breeches ;)