Thursday, May 16, 2024

Thursday's Threads


Outfit Day! I planned ahead and took outfit pics yesterday because I knew we weren't going to get to ride today. We had a lot less rain today than we did yesterday, but the ring was pretty wet, and I had other plans for the horses today anyway. (Namely, mane pulling and pastern shaving.) Anyway once again, the weather thwarted my plans for a silly riding outfit this week. My fun boots aren't allowed out in bad weather. But I still found some items that you haven't seen in awhile that I didn't mind getting wet. Al was our model this week, and here's what he had on:

Bridle: Winner Special

Blogger is killing the quality on this photo a bit, so it's a little hard to see, but this us our rose gold clincher bridle that I found on an Italian website a few years ago. These bridles were right around $100 (with reins) and I'm really impressed by how nice they are for the price. Soft leather, pretty hardware, great price. 

Boots: Eskadron
I splurged on these tan boots last year and I still love them. They match nicely with all of my weird colored tan breeches. And also the trim on many of my green saddle pads.

Saddle: Butet
Half Pad: Mattes
Saddle Pad: The Hangry Mare
I really love these pads I got from the Hangry Mare awhile back. I reached out to see about getting a few more, but I think she's focusing more on bonnets these days. 

That's what Al wore this week, and here's what I had on:

Yes, so I modified my usual farm colors just slightly by wearing the colors of my Alma Mater. Which are almost the same colors. Haha. I am who I am.

Helmet: One K
I still have dreams of a brown premium Samshield. But without much braiding work this year that's going to stay on the dream board. For now I have this One K that's brown with rose gold trim. I like it almost as much.

Sweatshirt: Skidmore Shop
I picked this hoodie up... I guess seven or so years ago at the last reunion I attended. I missed my most recent one as it was at the tail end of the pandemic and I wasn't quite ready to exist my hermit era. It's one of my favorite hoodies though. It's SO soft and comfy. Also, yes, our mascot is the thoroughbred. I was clearly meant to go to Skidmore. 

Belt: C4
The riding team had these belts made up awhile back for a fundraiser and I was excited to jump on that! 

Breeches: RJ Classics
Um. Okay yes. These are the same breeches I wore last week for Thursday's Threads. Oops. Despite appearances, I did in fact wash them in between though. 

Boots: Horka
I haven't worn these in forever! They're super comfy, and an obvious choice for bad weather since they're supposed to look distressed. 

By the end of my riding day yesterday all of these things were completely soaked. That hoodie gets HEAVY when wet! I'm not going to make any promises for a fun outfit next week since who know what will happen with the weather... But I'll make an effort! Let me know in the comments if they're something you've been wanting to see.


  1. I’ve browsed those horkas online a few times but was never sure how they’d look in person — they seem nice tho!!

    1. I like them! They aren't the highest quality by any means, but I've worn them a fair amount and they're holding up so far.